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Cupcake Cheeriness

Typical that the day we choose to take some time out from work & Bebe - it pees down, so our ideas of walking go out the window & instead we visit Wildebeest yet again... We enjoyed a feast of spicy bean soup, squash ravioli, lime & coconut cheesecake & couldn't resist sharing this lovely cupcake too - Blueberry, vanilla & almond! As always, it was delicious & after the last few days of difficult times - we felt relaxed & revived! Our meeting regarding Bebe at day care has made us feel better - they are more than happy for her to continue & have even offered her a permanent room when she/we decide it's time to move on. We'll write more about life with Bebe in the near future, as we know it's helpful to others. Time to chill out & plan a little holiday... Kay & Sime xx


Wildebeest opened earlier this year in Falmouth & we love it! Not only is all the food (& drink) vegan, but every dish is imaginative - full of colour, fabulous flavours & it's all completely wholesome too! The cafe has a great atmosphere, very chilled - with friendly staff.  There is a huge chalk board on the wall of the cafe, as well as on the inside of the toilet doors for customers to get creative & enjoy reading! Even though it's about 30 miles away from us - we've still managed to visit quite often & met up with family & friends to share the experience...  We feel very lucky to have such a nice place to go - which has to be one of the best vegan eateries around!!!  Are your mouths watering? For those of you who think vegan food is bland & boring - visit Wildebeest