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The Essence Of Tea

It's coming to the end of the tourist season, so once the holidaymakers have left this weekend - life is set to get quieter... We've had a busy time again & not only with cleaning, but putting together a quote for a potential new client & doing an inventory for the huge house of another. Amongst it all - we've also made some time to see our girls, who now both live 30 miles away... So we visited  The Essence Of Tea  in Falmouth... A peaceful haven in the middle of town, selling teas from China & Taiwan. We loved it & will definitely go again!  We enjoyed some time together drinking... A large pot of Nantou green tea & smaller pot of  1992 Da Ye Sheng Puerh. We also had a large dish of veggie sushi.  (which we forgot to photograph, but was really delicious)! We also ate later near the harbour & watched the black & white yacht being cleaned & polished by a team of people... I've also had a blood test, which for the first time in 6 y