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Goodbye Top Box Tourists

It is finally becoming quieter in this part of Cornwall. The families have headed home to prepare for getting back to school... The crowds have gone & it is wonderful! We've nearly got the lane back to ourselves. We have had 3 good lie-ins, spent several hours in  Waterstones  & visited Sal & Ryan in Falmouth - which has been lovely. We've eaten out at Archie Brown's in Truro. And just spent some nice time together. Hugo sporting his new glasses. Back to work tomorrow. It's going to be fine - easy & straightforward... My thyroid is continuing to misbehave & to be honest - I feel pretty awful...  But I'm happy & I know that as soon as we go away & properly unwind, I'm going to feel so much better. I just need lots of rest & to eat well... I've been so tired that I've not even cooked or baked for ages & poor Sime is having to do so much more...  He's such a fantastic, hard-working chap & he never complai

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

At last work is slowing down... We have 3 days off this week - which is fantastic! This morning we slept in without setting the alarm - Woohoo!!! In two weeks time, we are going back up to Stoke for a few days & then in just over 4 weeks - we'll be going on holiday. Two whole weeks in Wales... We're going to be renting a caravan on a farm at the foot of Mount Snowdon. Photograph From Here We used to go to Wales a lot many years ago. When Sal & Rose were 5 & 3 - we walked up & down Snowdon... It was an amazing, uplifting experience & the girls were fantastic walkers back then. Everyone we met on that journey - stopped to say how impressed they were with our little girls! Even when we managed to stray from the path & ended up climbing over a large crevice with a drop of probably thousands of feet - they remained calm & continued climbing with ease... Unlike me - I went into panic mode as soon as Sime said don't look down! I froze, crie

No Impact Week

We have been asked to take part in the  The No Impact Experiment  again. It's good to remind ourselves of how lightly we wish to live & to feel encouraged to do so. Work tends to make us lazy & we find ourselves talking about living simpler as a future event... It's crazy, because both of us are passionate about living with no or very little impact. We continue to dream of life being simple - living off-grid, no mains electricity or running water. Having land to grow our own food & generate our own power. We want to live as far away from other people as possible, to be somewhere very remote. A place away from disrespectful tourists & silly neighbours... To be in control of our lives, support ourselves & be truly happy, fit & healthy would be wonderful! Our journey to simplicity begins on Sunday September 18th.  It would be great if you would come along too! Click here to register:  No Impact Week Registration   And Join our group "Just Humans Be

Joy Of Joys

My thyroid has become over active again! Found out today that my T4 is 74 - it should be between 11 & 22... I've known for a few weeks that things weren't right, but I was hoping it would all just disappear & leave me alone... Not a chance, it's here to stick around & I've got to deal with it yet again. I think my body doesn't cope well with stress & exhaustion, so it's time to make some changes. I know I will recover again - once we slow down & we have now made the decision that the crazy changeovers will have to go...  This Saturday will be our last full day of cleaning & then we can take it a bit easier. I am really hating work at the moment, probably because I am struggling physically - my muscles are weak, my heart is pounding at around 100 bpm, I am breathless, always hungry & losing weight. The doctor has prescribed carbimazole again, but I really don't want to take it.  Luckily, I have some herbal tincture left from l

Venice Of The North

Last Sunday night, we set off to visit Sime's parents in Stoke... We had to work during the day, so we didn't leave until the evening & stayed overnight in Tewkesbury. The only photo we took in Tewkesbury - this car is an Alvis... We arrived there quite late & left straight after breakfast. Our main purpose was to assist Sime's Mum, Bebe with a couple of appointments. We also went out for a meal with Grandad Gerry... And Nana Footstep... Diets start tomorrow... A sadly closed traditional Potter's eatery... We would have loved to have gone in... Eating out with Bebe... A place mat which advertises a fantastic sounding tonic stout... Unfortunately, it no longer exists. Sime's piled up plate... Staffordshire Oatcakes! Outside the oatcake shop... Next door is interesting - Sime put a box of oatcakes down on the step on a recent visit (thinking it was an empty shop).  Within minutes a scantly clad woman of dubious character swung open the door &

Circo Kernow Students 2011

We've been blown away by Hugo & Co...                                             They've been studying circus performance skills for only 1 or 2 sessions over 10 weeks... And we've picked out a selection of the best photos...           The group are mainly aged between 14 & 18... And they also learned how to put up the big top & prepare for a show. They each tried all the activities & discovered what they prefer to do... We've known some of the kids for a while, so it was great to see what they have achieved... Even those we didn't know still managed to amaze us... The group have also learnt Makulele... And Capoeira... Which was fun to watch... Hugo's chosen skill was mime...                                            We were surprised by his confidence & of course we had no idea what to expect...                                          But we have been very impressed! With all of them... Rowan is 14... And these 2 we

Kits, Cats, Sacks & Wives

Just how many were there going to St Ives? It turned out to be the wrong time of year to be visiting a very popular town... We used the very expensive 'park & ride'... £2.30 to park & £4 each for the train tickets! But it was a pleasant way to arrive, as parking is very difficult in St Ives... Lots of folks had the same idea... Our train arrives... Tom Dale busking with his 1930s guitar... He was so good - we bought a CD... The town was so crowded that we decided to leave after only a couple of hours! The lovely views on the return journey... We really don't like busy places, so it was great to be heading back... And it was nice to be back in the countryside... We stopped at Zennor - which was fairly quiet... And enjoyed a look round... This water wheel is at the entrance of the museum... The quaint little church... And graveyard... Inside the church - the bell ringing ropes... Which are on the ground floor at the back... There are original parts