Natural Light

Alive & Kicking


Sorry to those of you who have been concerned & thank you for the messages!

 We're absolutely fine - just worked 6 exhausting days!

We now have 2 work free days, so watch this space...

Bye for now,

Kay & Sime xx


Pattypan said…
Glad to hear it; thought it might be something like that its near enough full on season. Just enjoy your days off. Sorry can't stop have a pan of Greengage jam on the bubble and its just about ready for bottling; don't think am going to be very early to bed tonight as I have at least another batch and a half to do. Mad fool that I am.

Take care


Catherine said…
GAAK! I hate it when work gets in the way of the rest of my life!!! ;)

Take it easy my friend!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see what kind of trouble you two get into.