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Well here we are. The year that our family has been talking about for a long time... We usually stay in & celebrate the new year quietly, but this year Sime has been persuaded to join up with local musicians in performing at the village hall! So we are venturing out for a change & there may even be fireworks on the beach later... We are wishing for a beautiful & positive year ahead.  Filled with laughter, perfect health, peace & happiness for us all. Happy New Year! Love Kay & Sime xx


This week has flown... A whirlwind of food, laughter & lots of talking! Starting out with our Transition Group's Solstice celebration at  Cotna . We loved Sara's holly tree!  As always we all took along food to share... And enjoyed another wonderful feast... We toasted the sun with Patrick's Solstice Sloe Gin... And Sime got his first chance to wear a silly hat! We put our tree up on the Solstice, a real tree which we saved from being shredded & which will provide wood for our fire when we pull it down... Christmas morning we finished off our wrapping & waited for the kids to arrive... (Or in Hugo's case - get up)! Our first prezzie opening session... I think we chose well for Asa!  Happy kidlets... This year we decided to eat in our living room for a change. Sime remembered that we had an extra table & chairs in the garage (like you do) - which he's been itching to sort out ready for our B&B... Rose & Asa will be having a second

Winter Solstice

Taken From Here Happy Solstice folks! We're off to our Transition social gathering tonight & seeing friends we haven't seen for a while... It's going be great! See you later. Kay & Sime xx

Winter Makeover

We may not have snow... But our blog does for now! Heeheehee!!! Yes we do know that there really are more important things to do... So we better get on! Bye for now, K&S xx

Home Again

We're home & have travelled through torrential rain to pick up the kitties from their cattery on Bodmin Moor. There is snow forecast for Stoke tonight & tomorrow, so at least we made it back before then... Although we feel a bit sad to have missed it!  Glad to be back! Kay & Sime xx

Our Last Night

The temperature has dropped! This morning we woke to an icy car park & a frosty car & it's icing up again, though it's not as cold as last December. Everything's gone well with Bebe - although the plumber insisted that she gave him a bonus, so not a lot we can do about that... We have also been out to eat with Grandad Gerry & Nana Stip-Pep, which was lovely & Gerry entertained us with hilarious stories of his time as a hospital porter. Last night, we spent the evening with our friends Corinne & Graham. We first met them over 23 years ago, as they lived down the road from a cottage we use to rent. They still live in that same house & it delights us that they haven't changed a bit! Today we have had some time to ourselves - a leisurely breakfast, a long browse around a bookshop & a trip to the cinema... Tomorrow we'll say goodbye to Bebe & head home to our kitties... But now it's time for curry! Bye for now, Kay & Sime x

Day Of Meetings

We arrived in Stoke... The weather is mild, so I don't think we'll need the thermals on today. We're meeting with 5 people involved with Bebe's care. We've also found that she's being paying a plumber to do lots of jobs in the house & he's been charging rather a lot. Sime's going to find out what's going on there too... A busy day ahead, but so nice to have a warm start! See you later, Kay :)

Hat Saturday

Work has slowed down & it's wonderful! We've had 2 whole days pottering about at home & it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Tomorrow, we're heading up to Stoke for a few days, where we'll be staying in a warm hotel room. Unlike here where it's very cold... Shower time, in particular has become quite a challenge, as our bathroom is freezing.   One consolation though - we have discovered we can hit some really high notes when singing our favourite opera pieces & our pogoing has taken on new heights!  We're still determined to get through the Winter without our heating & thanks to Rose... We're doing it in style! (She left them behind when she moved) Time for bed & see you all soon. Kay & Sime xx

Blog Award

What a surprise! Pattypan from  Tarragon & Thyme  has very kindly passed on the award & this is what she had to say: I love catching up with these two honest hardworking couple and their efforts to simplify their lives without leaving an imprint on this world of ours. I love the fact that they are not scared to be themselves or that they conform to what other people think they should be doing.  They are delightfully "alternative" and passionate about everything they are involved with.  They have home educated their children as well as running their own business and have been good role models in daring to be different and meeting their own ethical requirements rather than follow like sheep along a well trodden path.  There are always other choices and I like their honesty, sincerity  and most definitely their love for each other and their humour. Thank you Pattypan!!! xx  Liebster is a German word meaning dear & the award  is a way to show support to bloggers wh

Feadon Farm

Last week we visited this amazing place with the home ed group... Feadon Farm  is a wildlife centre attached to a holiday park near Portreath in Cornwall. They take care of the neighbouring woodland & it's inhabitants. As well as lots of mainly British wildlife at the centre.. Sime wanted this farty photo on... This is the inside of a hollow tree... At the top of the woodland is quite a nice view. As well as the centre's wild meadow... Gary is the main guy & he likes inspecting dung... And seeing what creatures are around. Under this piece of tin was a vole in it's nest, but it ran before everyone took their photos... Snails shelter from the sea breeze... Back at the centre - Harris Hawks... Hazel the Squirrel... A Grass Snake... Which took a liking to Sime... A Field Mouse... A Rat... And the animals we were looking forward to seeing - Foxes... Meadow is feeding & Copper is behind her... And Todd was hiding... Beautiful! Lunchtime in rather