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Season's Greetings

Taken from Amnesty We would like to share with you the sad news that Bebe passed away last week. She was still living in the local care home where she had been singing & dancing up until falling ill. She died peacefully in hospital, after her body gave in to pneumonia. We visited her every day - talked, sang, held her hands & gave her lots of hugs & kisses.. For 2 evenings she was lucid, she sang with us & told us that she loved us & her grandchildren implicitly, with all her heart.  She also told us not to cry & that everything would be ok. We made all the funeral arrangements ourselves - she requested a simple, no fuss send-off. We bought a biodegradable cardboard coffin, which we decorated with the lyrics from 'Fly Me To The Moon' & yesterday picked her up from the hospital in our car & took her to the crematorium in Truro. We spent a few minutes in quiet contemplation, shed a few tears & said our final goodbyes.

Food, Food, Food!

Our vegan feasts in & out over the last few weeks... Scrambled tofu, sun-dried tomato & guacamole pizza at Samphire in Plymouth... Absolutely delicious! We love mushy peas - especially home made, but at Samphire they make fabulous mushy broad beans... As well as yummy cheeselesscakes! The Chai Shop in Bishop's Castle was just underneath the house we stayed in & we were thrilled to find out that all their veggie options were actually vegan.  Authentic home cooked Indian food lovingly prepared by mother & daughter - Tahira & Rozie. So good we visited twice!!! A selection of vegan starters, a sample of all the vegan curries with rice & a lovely cup of tulsi tea! An afternoon spent in The Great Oak veggie cafe in Llanidloes, Wales. Plant milk hot chocolate... Served with a date slice & chocolate fudge cake... Yummy yum yums!!! Breakfast at The Good Life cafe in Shrewsbury, afraid it was just ok...  But

Out Of Hibernation

Happy New Year to you all! We've had quite a difficult time with Bebe... She is not the same person who moved in with us just over a year ago & since starting with a chest infection just before Christmas - she has lost her appetite & a stone in weight! Penicillin has perked her up a little, but we've had lots of sleepless nights which are just exhausting for all of us! Saying this, it hasn't stopped us from having some lovely times with family & friends over the holiday period... While staying in Bishop's Castle we had a meet up with friends, Shelley & Kelli in Wales...  Sime was in Shelley's band - The Hidden Persuaders back in the early 90s & after losing touch, they found each other on facebook a couple of years ago. This time we got to meet her fabulous Wife too & enjoyed a lovely afternoon chat, coffee & cake! A flying visit to Stoke & a lovely evening spent with Gerry & Brenda (AKA Nana Stip-Pep). Bre


The Pathway To Home From Amnesty International After having a wonderful week away - we returned to a difficult time with Bebe, resulting in her having emergency respite & input from the complex care team. She is home again & it's not easy, but we have had some quality time with all the kidlets & have finished work for a few days in theory (although are still on call) - so we are just going to make the most of our time - chill out & give Bebe the attention she craves, as well as eat, be merry & enjoy extra time with Rose & Asa who are joining us again on Christmas Day. We hope you all have a splendid yule! Love Kay & Sime xx

Goodbye Top Box Tourists

It is finally becoming quieter in this part of Cornwall. The families have headed home to prepare for getting back to school... The crowds have gone & it is wonderful! We've nearly got the lane back to ourselves. We have had 3 good lie-ins, spent several hours in  Waterstones  & visited Sal & Ryan in Falmouth - which has been lovely. We've eaten out at Archie Brown's in Truro. And just spent some nice time together. Hugo sporting his new glasses. Back to work tomorrow. It's going to be fine - easy & straightforward... My thyroid is continuing to misbehave & to be honest - I feel pretty awful...  But I'm happy & I know that as soon as we go away & properly unwind, I'm going to feel so much better. I just need lots of rest & to eat well... I've been so tired that I've not even cooked or baked for ages & poor Sime is having to do so much more...  He's such a fantastic, hard-working chap & he never complai