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When Everyone Runs, Stand Still

We continue to feel surprised by the amount of folks who say we inspire them... Whether it's due to the way we are with our kidlets and each other, the way we live, home education, being self employed or what food we eat... We are just us.   One of the people who has inspired us is  Donald Watson , we first read about him when Sime joined The Vegan Society in 1994 & since then we have thought lots about getting older & finding ways to stay as healthy as possible. People around us are committing suicide with the food choices they make & either don't realise or don't care about the consequences. We've been told again & again by some of these folks that they would rather die young & eat whatever they want, than give up everything they love just to live longer! These same people believe we are denying ourselves to the point of misery just in hope that we'll live a few more years...  Hahaha! Being vegan isn't just about