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Festival Season Begins

Another busy day yesterday... We had three holiday properties to prepare for guests & then had to drive over 40 miles to a festival in the West of Cornwall - where Sime's band were performing. We have friends who live near there, so they joined us too - which made for an enjoyable evening! The guy behind the festival is known as Bones & this was his way of showing folks the way! Our friends' Daughters - Biby who had a great time playing with all the little people... And Madi, who was bored & tired... Along with Hugo! Only a few years ago, the 2 of them would have been running around & exploring... There were lots of young families there & it brought home to us how removed we are from all that now, our kids have moved on & we do things differently. For instance, lots of families were camping overnight in small tents on a slope, we would have done that too - years ago, but now we prefer to be comfortable & the three of us were happy to be coming h