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Festival Season Begins

Another busy day yesterday...
We had three holiday properties to prepare for guests & then had to drive over 40 miles to a festival in the West of Cornwall - where Sime's band were performing.
We have friends who live near there, so they joined us too - which made for an enjoyable evening!

The guy behind the festival is known as Bones & this was his way of showing folks the way!

Our friends' Daughters - Biby who had a great time playing with all the little people...

And Madi, who was bored & tired...

Along with Hugo!
Only a few years ago, the 2 of them would have been running around & exploring...

There were lots of young families there & it brought home to us how removed we are from all that now, our kids have moved on & we do things differently. For instance, lots of families were camping overnight in small tents on a slope, we would have done that too - years ago, but now we prefer to be comfortable & the three of us were happy to be coming home! The last time we camped was in France in 2009 & we found it to be so noisy, with lots of children crying through the night or up early in the morning - that we vowed not to do it again, unless it was on a small, quiet site...

It was still a lovely place to be & the atmosphere was great. There were other musicians playing & some good veggie grub. The only problem was that I managed to bugger up the camera, so half through it started misbehaving & my phone camera is rubbish from dusk - so we were disappointed to find very few good photos...

Though I did get a couple of the band early on...

Thank goodness!

The ever affectionate Husband!

Hope you've had a good weekend.

Kay :)


Pattypan said…
Nice to see you back you have been missed. Sounds as though you had a great time last night. But at least everything is balanced with you working hard and playing hard. Looks as though you had a great time.
Take care


Anonymous said…
Sounds like fun. Things change when the kids get older. They don't have as much doing things that they liked when they were younger. Stinkers.
Pattypan - We're still not on properly, our signal comes & goes... We should have received our MAC code today, but of course we haven't!

Mel - The funny thing was, Hugo really wanted to come with us...

Kay :)

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