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More Dolphins

I think everyone will start getting very bored if we keep posting photos of Sime's band, but it is his 2nd gig with them & in a pretty cool venue - so it's worthy of a mention!

Bunters Bar in Truro is well known in Cornwall for it's live music & our friend, Sheila came along too - which was lovely, as we haven't had a proper chance to catch up for ages!

Sheila's not keen on having her photo taken!

This is one of Sime's photos of the guys setting up - I love the lights!

Another setting up one...

There are screens all over the place, so everybody could watch the band!

The chaps in action...

And another dark video of one of Sime's favourite songs, you can just about see him on the right...

He has yet another gig tomorrow with them at a festival in West Cornwall - we're also working, so another busy day ahead!

Kay :)