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In order to live simply, we eventually want to live without mains power & water. Instead, we hope to generate our own power & live on land that has a spring or well. At the moment, we have 2 shower rooms & a bathroom in our rented house, so moving away from these luxuries will be a massive step, but we really want to do it! We don't watch TV, although we have an old television that we use to watch DVDs on. We are gradually getting rid of (selling or giving away) unnecessary electrical appliances, we don't have any fancy furniture & most of our clothes are from charity shops. We try to live by the war time motto "Make do & mend." Here's some info about it: It seems like a good time for cutting back too & this book is really useful & cheap too! Life without luxuries doesn't have to be boring & miserable - we love it & it's a wonderful feeling that we are decluttering our home & ma

A Year To Go...

We have given ourselves until October 2011 to find a plot of land with a spring. We think it may be in France, though we're still not sure. We want to be prepared for peak oil - If it doesn't happen, then we'll have a nice little bolt hole & lots of opportunity still to travel. Whereas, if we do run out of oil, then at least we'll be ready! We want to live off grid, generate our own power & not have mains water. Just live very simply... At the moment we rent an old farmhouse on the Cornish coast & we love this big old house, but it just feels right to think about moving on now. We want a small cosy place with land to grow on We've lived in France for two periods over the past 20 years & every time we go back (usually 2 or 3 times a year), it feels like home! In April, we visited the Auvergne, which was very exciting for us, being amongst mountains - as that's something we miss in Cornwall! While there, we fell in love with a hillside villag

This Morning In Sunny Cornwall...

It's days like today that make us so glad that we live in Cornwall! We moved here in 2002 & since 2007, we have had our own business - providing a green housekeeping service to holiday lets, second homes & residential properties. After 20 years working in social care, mainly in the North of England - this is absolute paradise!!!


We welcome you to join us on our journey of peaceful happiness, working towards living a beautifully simple life.  We are already on our way & each day just keeps on getting better!