About Us

We are Just Humans Being and we have been on an incredible unconventional adventure together since 1986. 
We began our journey into parenthood in 1988 and decided to become vegetarian before weaning our firstborn. Our second and third kidlets were born at home and all three are lifelong veggies and self-directed learners...meaning we autonomously home-educated (unschooled). So, yes we have 3 lovely, happy kidlets and they all live with their equally lovely, happy partners...6 of the most loveliest humans you could wish to meet! 

When the kidlets were small, we discovered a passion for road-trips, extended holidays and a love of France. 
In 2002, we sold our crappy semi in the north of England and headed down to Cornwall, first living on a 7 acre smallholding next to the Camel Trail and eventually found ourselves renting a 5 bedroomed farmhouse above one of Cornwall's lesser known little beaches. In 2017, we decided after 12 years, to de-clutter, embrace minimalism and have moved a couple of times from our big old farmhouse to a strawbale barn on an eco retreat on the south coast of Cornwall and are now living on a community in a rustic cabin on the edge of The Lizard Peninsula with our kitties - Tiky (Tickety Boo), who we inherited with the cabin and Flea (Fleaby/Fleabs/Floobs), who has lived with us since 2007 after being found living rough in a field near 'The Lost Gardens of Heligan'. The kits are more commonly known these days as Tik 'n' Toobs!

We also own a tiny mountain house in the south of France...the bolthole we have dreamed about for many years finally appeared on our radar and we knew we just had to have it!

We are champions at manifesting, we continue to learn and grow. 

We choose not to have a television and are very content to live quietly and simply. We try to tread carefully, consume ethically and live frugally, with purpose and compassion. 

We have a holistic housekeeping business offering help with re-organising and decluttering people's lives and homes. We are both also experienced in elderly care (specialising in dementia and Parkinson's Disease) and can provide live-in respite care, as well as being fully insured, professional house/pet sitters. If you would like to discuss hiring us - please do get in touch: HolisticHousekeeping@protonmail.com

Simon is a musician and often takes his guitar on our travels. Kay has studied nutritional therapy, dabbles in homoeopathy and herbal remedies. She likes crocheting and making bread. 

We both love being outdoors, gardening - growing herbs, vegetables and flowers, making compost, walking and picnicking. 

We are passionate about organic food and have been vegan for many years, we enjoy cooking together - creating new dishes and sharing our love of vegan food with others. 

We like second breakfasts, well actually we spend 3 hours having breakfast...a really nice way to start each day. We read out loud to each other, sing before getting out of bed, dance in the kitchen, laugh until we cry and are generally just old silly-billys.

Hope you enjoy our blog!
Love Kay and Sime 


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