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Vegan, Sugar and Oil Free Pancakes

It is the final day of World Vegan Month and here is this morning's second breakfast! For the pancake batter: we use a 200ml cup each of oats and stoneground wholemeal flour, then a tablespoon each of ground flax seeds and maize flour. Add a teaspoon each of baking powder (baking soda), ground cinnamon and vanilla extract. 200mls plant milk and top up with water...around 100mls for thick pancakes and add more for crepe like pancakes. Whizz up with a hand blender and leave to stand for 10 minutes and then fry in a hot non-stick pan. Today we added blueberries and banana... Which kind of caramelise when the pancake is flipped over. Delicious! We love how the blueberries sink into the centre. We served them with a squeeze of clementine and soya yogurt. They are so easy to make and are lovely! Love from a cold, wet and very windy Cornwall! Kay and Sime xx

Breakfast Smoothies

Day 29 World Vegan Month. This is what happens when we suddenly run out of porridge oats... We had enough for a spoonful each, so instead of our usual bowl of joy - we made smoothies with pretty much the same ingredients with added greenness: Spinach, apple, banana, raisins, rosehips, seaweed, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. Our mix of flax, hemp and pumpkin seeds, a spoonful of porridge oats, matcha green tea powder and water.  Wonderful stuff!  And here's Fleaby - he just wanted to say hello! xxx

Spaghetti Love

Day 28 World Vegan Month. Organic whole wheat spaghetti, butter bean, red pepper and mushroom pasta sauce with salad leaves. Such a busy time for us, so sorry we're not keeping up with the posts!    Night, night...Love Kay and Sime xx

Another Day, Another Dhal

World Vegan Month Day 25. We are doggie sitting and really enjoy cooking on the Aga here... And yet again, we have made a quick dhal - with onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and spinach, as well as the usual spices, red lentils and some passata. Bye, bye from us and little Mabel!  xxx

Cauliflower and Butternut Squash curry

World Vegan Month Day 24. Cauliflower florets and greens, butternut squash, leeks, tomatoes, garlic, fresh ginger, dried cumin, coriander, turmeric and mustard seeds Whizzed up leftover beany pasta sauce. Mixed together to make a delicious curry. As usual we served it with brown basmati cooked with turmeric. We are off doggie sitting for a few days, but will try to continue sharing our posts. Love Kay and Sime xx

Winter Warmer - Our Homemade Vegan Beer

A bubbling pan of Brewer's Gold and Cascade hops with warming winter spices of cinnamon, cloves and ginger, sultanas and orange peel. Mixing brown sugar and barley malt extract in the fermenting bin. Straining off the hops into the sugar and malt.  Stirring to dissolve the sugar in the hot hoppy brew.  We added enough cold water to cool the brew and sprinkled on the yeast. We leave the yeast on top. Then the lid gets fixed on tightly... And topped off with a snazzy blanket to let it work it's magic for around 10 days. It's Day 23 of World Vegan Month...we're not being very disciplined with our blog posts, but hopefully we'll manage to share some foodie posts over the next few days.    Bye for now! Love Kay and Sime xx

Spicy Bean Spaghetti

 World Vegan Month Day 21. Here's tonight's dinner... Haricot beans and vegetables with spaghetti. Yesterday we had leftovers and tomorrow we will hopefully be able to share photos of our home brewed winter ale. Night, night! Love Kay and Sime xx

Fava Bean Stew and Braised Cabbage

World Vegan Month Day 19. Tonight's dinner... We cooked up onions, garlic, sundried tomatoes in soy sauce, cumin, smoked paprika, sage and thyme. We added carrots and French beans and cooked them with water, yeast extract, tomato puree and boiling water and simmered for 30 minutes. We then added Fava Beans and roasted butternut squash and continued simmering for another 20 minutes.    We also braised a savoy cabbage in the oven in red wine and balsamic vinegar with chopped pear, pickled onions and dried rosemary.   After 40 minutes, we added chunks of leftover nut roast and baked for another 20 minutes... And served with a baked potato. Yum!!! Love Kay and Sime xx

Food Sharing

World Vegan Month Day 18. As well as making the apple compote yesterday, we made a nut roast and apple cake for our communal food sharing supper here at Cotna.  We whizzed up 150g walnuts, 50g peanuts, 200g bread with juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon each of dried sage and thyme, 1 tablespoon of tomato puree and a heaped teaspoon of miso paste dissolved in a cup of hot water. Then added our dhal and rice leftovers from Saturday, a pinch of sea salt and sprinkle of black pepper. Once mixed we put it in a loaf tin and baked it on a medium heat for 40 minutes. Just so easy to make! There was also roasted veggies from the garden. As well as stir fried kale and Brussel sprouts. Apple Cake...  Served with Oat Cream and a splash of sloe gin. And Daisy the Cotna baby was hoping to join us! See you tomorrow. Love Kay and Sime xx

Apple Harvest Compote

 World Vegan Month Day 17. The last of the apples have been harvested today at Cotna and will be mainly used for making juice and cider. Sime collected a few for our use too and I got to work...  I simmered 400g of apples with 10 chopped dates and a small knob of ginger for about 10 minutes. Then strained the mixture and added a good sprinkle of cinnamon, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and the juice of half a lemon.  Whizzed it all up...  until it was nice and smooth.  The mixture fills a 500ml jar and will last for a week in the fridge. It's nice as a cereal topping or in plain soya yogurt and of course, we like a couple of dollops on our porridge! Love Kay and Sime xx