Day Of The Dead

Religion is still a big thing in rural France, especially in the Auvergne.
We've seen it all before - the volcanic rocks with virgin Mary statues towering over communities, the altars and crosses just outside villages.

The views from the statues are amazing, so always worth a climb.

 Friday (All Saint's Day) was a day of families gathering.
Everywhere was quiet and we took the opportunity to explore.

Saint-Pierre church at Novacelles is a lovely little building.

With a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Day of the Dead is all about honouring our deceased loved ones, so we lit candles.

Our Lupe died just days before we came away on our trip.
Our beautiful companion of 14 years.
We are still hurting and know when we arrive home next week we will miss him dearly.
We continue to wish him a goodnight every night, as we do Fleaby (our other old boy) when we're away from home. 
Lupe is buried just outside our bedroom window, under one of his favourite bushes.

Goodnight sweet chap! xx


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