Food On The Go

We were travelling from the Auvergne to the Loire Valley and had a plan to visit the Biocoop in Saumur to buy supplies for dinner, but as usual we got distracted - stopping off and taking different interesting routes and consequently arrived too late.
We had a few things to eat, but not really enough.

On our journey, we had the spinach and spirulina cuppa soups, some peanuts and bananas.

Then we felt a need to "carb up" and had just 15 minutes to fly around the supermarket and make our purchases.

We bought tabbouleh, carrot salad, salad leaves, cornichons, baguette and as Sime was craving potatoes - we bought some very cheap tinned spuds!

We already had this vegetable and basil chutney...

And houmous from our last Biocoop visit.

For desert we found these soya red berry yogurts.

Day 4 World Vegan Month.

Our feast while on the road...More tomorrow!

Love Kay and Sime xx


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