Vegan Mush

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Day 15 World Vegan Month.

Yesterday we were out all day. 

A glimpse of sun through the clouds and torrential rain.

We didn't expect to be finishing work in the dark, but one of our jobs was on a closed road and in the freezing wind and rain we had to leave the car and walk with all our cleaning equipment. The job took longer than we thought and on leaving we realised that we would have to return to the car in complete darkness...our only head torch was running low, needing a  recharge and there are no streetlights on that road, so not only was it very cold (the road is quite exposed and high above the sea), but we could barely see! 

Lucky for us, we had earlier called into Baker Tom's - a surprise discovery in St Awful and bought vegan pasties, which were very was too dark for a photo, but they were ok.

Anyway, our leftovers from Wednesday were put aside for this evening and what looks like a dish of mush, was actually our chilli and rice all mixed up and warmed through! 

Love Kay and Sime xx


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