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Humans Doing

It's half term for the school children of the UK this week. This means lots of families head to Cornwall for a holiday & make lots of work for us! Of course this is great for our own holiday fund - but doesn't half interfere with our leisure time... We had an evening out in our newly opened village pub on Sunday, which was very nice (though we ended up staying much longer than planned & spending more money than we anticipated), so it was a struggle to get up yesterday - which really annoys me, because I like to be organised.  Anyway, we made up for it today - up early, got lots done & while the car was having a light fixed at the garage (which amazingly, they did free of charge - as we're regular customers!), we had time to have a cuppa at  The Eden Project Cafe , which opened in St Austell last week & is very nice - they have local vegetables for sale, a book swap scheme & a great looking menu with veggie & vegan choices too, so we were impressed!

A Day In The Life

Today, we decided to start the day with a juice. We've had our juicer for about 3 years & it does make the most incredible juices... Today's was Apple, Carrot & Beetroot - all organic. We added a teaspoon of ground Rose Hips... And it was delicious! We went along to a cleaning demo after breakfast - work does tend to get in the way at times, but we were very impressed:  Enjo  are an Austrian company, who have created cleaning cloths, etc that can be used with just water. We use  Bio D Products  or have done so up until now... After seeing the various cloths & gloves do the jobs effortlessly, we decided to make a few purchases & if they don't work for us - we'll get our money back, so watch this space! Then it was off to a local Gurkha restaurant for a meal with the kidlets... We haven't seen Sal for over 5 weeks, so it was lovely to catch up! As usual, we were non-stop chatting & somehow I got away with taking a photo of Hugo without him c

Beautiful Day...

The title actually comes from the fact that Sime & his band have been repeatedly playing this song for the last hour or so & it's now in my head & no doubt will be for the next few days! It may be Valentine's Day, but when there's a gig coming up - the band come first... But I don't mind, as we don't really celebrate commercial days anyway. Why should we follow the herd & spend huge amounts of money on cards & gifts? Isn't it much nicer for romance to be spontaneous? I think so. We've had 2 days off work, so that's been good & today - we have started following Andrew Weil's:    8 Weeks to Optimum Health,  to get us back on track after eating far too much dairy in France! Part of the programme is walking each day, the first week is supposed to be for 5 minutes, building up to 45  by the 8th week. We did more, but the weather was good today. This is the view, just a few minutes down our lane... It was funny, because normally