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Weekend Viewing

We're off to work now... Thank you for your comments about our week & yes Scarlet - we are very much looking forward to tomorrow! Some of you know that we love Harold & Maude & we've just found the whole film on youtube... So enjoy & if you want to sing out, sing out... Love Kay & Sime xx


Another whirlwind of a week...  Filled with busy work days, lovely guests & surprise family visit! Last Thursday, we went to see the  Eden Choir  at the Eden Cafe with Asa's parents... Melvin & Lesley also spent their last night in Cornwall at Meadowcroft . Their second stay with us & we feel honoured to have them... Especially as it gives us chance to show our appreciation for Lesley's fabulous homemade Christmas gifts - which we have been extremely lucky to receive over the past few years... Including delicious homemade chocolates! The Dolphins Fly  played their first gig of the year... Which was a crazy night & ended in a bar room brawl... Nice though, as our friends came along too! Gorran Haven Beach on Tuesday morning... And 5 minutes later the clouds came over... Lupe enjoying a roll in the dirt... Fleaby fast asleep & stretched out... We have loved having another couple return all the way from

The Best Job In The World

We've had lovely warm sunshine today. It's been an absolute pleasure spending the day in such beautiful surroundings & we never take any of it for granted...  We may work incredibly hard, but it beats being employed in social care. It's days like today, that make us realise how lucky we are to be here, to have taken the opportunities that came our way & not only feel satisfied that we did make the right decisions, but are continuing to do so. We are filled with excitement about the changes we are making business wise & feel it's going to be a great year! Linking in with Jane's  View From My Window Here's  Our Thursday view   & our usual double act! Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

It's Complicated

We were going to be having a New Year holiday with the kidlets... All of us are saving, but Sal has a new job in Bristol & she can't get time off over the Christmas/New Year period, so it looks like it will have to be during February half term next year. The new plan is for the rest of us to go up to Bristol over New Year for a few days, so we'll see what happens... We are really upset with ourselves, as we've been so busy that we've forgotten not only several friends' birthdays, but also Grandad Gerry's (Sime's Dad) birthday too... All within the last couple of weeks, we can't believe it! So we need to make amends & hopefully will find gifts in Truro tomorrow, though our time is limited - we're running the home education group until 3pm & have to be at our local transition meeting at 7.30pm. Then we have 3 full days of work...  It's all systems go, as usual!    I can't ever remember being so busy at this time of y

Slow Sunday...

Is here again... Thank you for your comments - we'll get back to you on Monday! Tomorrow's going to be spent doing nice things. Happy Sunday!!! Kay & Sime xx


We're having another incredibly busy week...  But are hoping that things will calm down for us soon. A bit late for this really, but better late than never. We're linking up with  Jane's  View From My Window... On Thursday, we were out working all day.  One of the jobs was our final clean at a house we have decided to quit taking care of. The last time we'll see this view... It's been a bumpy old road with this one & we're happy to be saying goodbye. We also have one other that we will be finishing in a few weeks time - a job that takes up a lot of our time & energy, when all we really want to do is get our second B&B room up & running, so we feel the moment is right for moving on... The view from our window. The lilies are going to be chopped back this weekend & we'll see if they will pick up again. We desperately need to get some weeding & tidying done. Blue skies! It's been lots

Lupuschki's Jazz Archives Volume 1

Lupe likes to lie next to the computer when there's jazz playing... " This is his very favourite tune.  It has to be played over & over again if ever he goes on a car journey...  It helps him to remain calm! If he can't get onto the computer desk...  The next best thing is the cabinet beside it, where he drifts away listening to some soothing tunes. Daddy sometimes gets a bit carried away & turns the volume up... Which just grates on his nerves! Have a good weekend everyone...  We're off to work now & have guests in later, so busy, busy! K&S xx

A Different View

The view from the window of a house we were cleaning this morning... Looking towards Gorran Haven Harbour & the coastal path going around the headland. Linking up with  Jane  again. This is at a freezing cold Mylor Harbour on Tuesday. We did have 4 days off from cleaning, but not sure where the time has gone... Hope you are all well & keeping warm! Kay & Sime xx