A Different View

The view from the window of a house we were cleaning this morning...
Looking towards Gorran Haven Harbour & the coastal path going around the headland.
Linking up with Jane again.

This is at a freezing cold Mylor Harbour on Tuesday.
We did have 4 days off from cleaning, but not sure where the time has gone...

Hope you are all well & keeping warm!

Kay & Sime


  1. You two always take such adorable pictures together. :)

    It looks like it's as cold there as it is here yet. Hopefully it warms up for us both soon!

    1. Thanks Molly, but we're just silly really!

      It's beautiful here today... Still cold though!

  2. The view from that house is amazing. If I were rich.....
    Jane x

    1. It is amazing, but a bit too built up for us! Now if it was one house on it's own with that view...

  3. I think you need to grow a beard to keep you warm Kay LOL

  4. That is a beautiful picture. We enjoyed our little trip to Gorran Haven but it was so cold that we didn't stay long!

    And I TOO love seeing pictures of you two together.

    We are heading out tomorrow for a wander.

    Sft x

    1. It's a pretty little place... The beach gets packed on hot days!

      Thank you... I used to hate photos of myself, but Sime's made me put them on so often... I don't care anymore!

      Hope you've enjoyed your wander & the weather's been good to you.


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Kay and Sime

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