Natural Light


This little chap was mooching about the kitchen this morning...

We're not sure if the kitties bring them in, but we've had them in the house a few times over the years... Always with docked tails too, though on one occasion when we first moved here 8 years ago, there was just a tail wiggling about in the dining room... Which totally freaked us out!!!

We think it's a common lizard - does anyone know much about them?



Jane and Chris said…
Don't know about British lizards,just don't call him common...he's rather good looking!
Jane x
Susan Heather said…
It looks a lot like the ones my cats bring in = sometimes tail-less sometime head=less and sometimes running around!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scarlet said…
We saw a lizard when we went to the Minack last year - KL was thrilled by it!!
Unknown said…
What a beauty! More to add to your reptile collection.

Sft x