Another whirlwind of a week...
 Filled with busy work days, lovely guests & surprise family visit!

Last Thursday, we went to see the Eden Choir at the Eden Cafe with Asa's parents...

Melvin & Lesley also spent their last night in Cornwall at Meadowcroft.
Their second stay with us & we feel honoured to have them... Especially as it gives us chance to show our appreciation for Lesley's fabulous homemade Christmas gifts - which we have been extremely lucky to receive over the past few years... Including delicious homemade chocolates!

The Dolphins Fly played their first gig of the year...

Which was a crazy night & ended in a bar room brawl...

Nice though, as our friends came along too!

Gorran Haven Beach on Tuesday morning...

And 5 minutes later the clouds came over...

Lupe enjoying a roll in the dirt...

Fleaby fast asleep & stretched out...

We have loved having another couple return all the way from Canada.

Arinna & Giles have very much become good friends.
(Who does the creepy hand belong to?)

We had a fabulous feast in Truro!

Then Sal & Ryan turned up on Wednesday...

Just in time for dinner...

Even Hugo graced us with his presence...

And it was nice for Arinna & Giles to meet more members of the family...

Last night & toast for their 4th wedding anniversary!
With some rather nice top shelf champers...

About to leave us yet again...

Our Thursday view... From the front door.
(With another mystery hand)
Linking in again with Jane.

Last night's view - overlooking Mevagissey Lighthouse...
(We didn't finish work last night until 8pm)

Tonight's wonderful dinner... 
(Thank you to a lovely Simey) Chili, rice & roast potatoes!

We have received some fabulous gifts from guests...

From chocolate, soap, wine, handmade blanket, wooden mini kitchen utensil ornament, wine glasses, massage, meal out, maple syrup to a beautiful pebble!

Thank you, thank you, thank you - we feel incredibly humbled!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Love Kay & Sime


  1. what fun you are having! That's funny you mention the band, as I was listening to the CD you gave us while I was sewing today :-D

  2. Love your view...with two bits of Canada in it!!
    Chick pea smash sandwiches for tonight's dinner!
    Have a great w/end guys!
    Jane x

  3. You are really busy! Looks like a lot of fun, though. I'm very happy for you that your B&B is doing so well!

  4. What a busy but fabulous week. I bet Slow Sunday will be fully appreciated !

  5. What a wonderful post, you have had some wonderful times lately. Thanks for sharing them. I'm not surprised that you get spoilt with treats from guests.

    Sft x


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