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Thou Shalt Not Warm Up

We set out today after a late breakfast & in search of snow... And found some on Dartmoor... We enjoyed a stunning, incredibly chilly walk up to Buckland Beacon & saw the rather weathered  & underwhelming 10 commandments carved into the rocks below the Beacon.  Will share more photos of our day soon, but for now here's another video: Kay & Sime xx

Long Journeys & Views From Our Windows

We have had a crazy few days... A dash up to Stoke where the weather was a little different to home. Yesterday's view from our hotel... Bebe & a smiling Sime... We have had lots to do - went up to visit & do stuff, talked about Bebe moving down to Cornwall, but after 2 days of long hours together, we really feel unsure about caring for her full time. We did it for Nan, but are we ready to do it all over again? You need a huge amount of patience with someone who has dementia & Bebe's is progressing the same way as Nan's... For now, her care package just about covers her needs & we'll just keep reviewing it.  As we set off from Stoke at 3pm yesterday, the temperature had climbed up to 2C & travelling down the country we noticed it getting warmer - arriving in Cornwall last night it was a rather nice 10C! We had lovely sunshine this morning... And the lilies are thriving! It has been a fraught, tiring few days t

Lovely Pair O' Knees *Part 1*

On Monday, we had a full day out - in search of snowy mountains... From Carcassonne, to Limoux, Couiza to Quillan - where we joined the mountain pass down to Axat. The pass is literally cut through the mountains & the overhangs mean it's a bit tricky for high vehicles... On the other side of Axat, the pass climbs up & we finally see snow! And icicles...                      As with most of our days out from here, we hardly saw any other folks on the road. From Languedoc into the Pyrenees. The sky was beautiful yet again, although the temperature was around minus 7 degrees. Long stretches of forest roads... Snow covered lake - the town on the other side is called "Les Angles". Breathtaking scenery... All to ourselves. We stopped for a picnic by this ski station. The temperature rose to 10 degrees there & the sun was really strong... Then it was on to Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via & a look at their Solar Cooker... Built in the early 60s, it is used

A Smattering of Snow

At last, we have had snow & possibly more to come tonight - hopefully, not too early as we're going out to friends' for dinner!!! These were taken in our back garden...