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Winter Warmer - Our Homemade Vegan Beer

A bubbling pan of Brewer's Gold and Cascade hops with warming winter spices of cinnamon, cloves and ginger, sultanas and orange peel. Mixing brown sugar and barley malt extract in the fermenting bin. Straining off the hops into the sugar and malt.  Stirring to dissolve the sugar in the hot hoppy brew.  We added enough cold water to cool the brew and sprinkled on the yeast. We leave the yeast on top. Then the lid gets fixed on tightly... And topped off with a snazzy blanket to let it work it's magic for around 10 days. It's Day 23 of World Vegan Month...we're not being very disciplined with our blog posts, but hopefully we'll manage to share some foodie posts over the next few days.    Bye for now! Love Kay and Sime xx

Brewing Our Own Botanical Beers

This year we have taken the opportunity to get homebrewing again and so far, we've made over 200 pints... All vegan and organic, using mainly foraged herbs and flowers, along with organic sugar and malt extract, yeast and pure spring water. We started out making our old favourite - nettle, goosegrass and ginger with a few dandelion petals thrown in for good measure.  Next up was the very popular lemon balm and lavender and then we decided to purchase some dried hops...we visited a small organic brewery where we were treated to a little tour and were able to buy a couple of different types of hops - one quite bitter and the other more floral. This resulted in a light, hoppy lemon balm bitter.    Our fourth brew was using the floral hops with rosemary and lavender, then using the floral hops again - we made a hops and lavender beer, which wasn't so good. We think the bitter hops would have worked better...nevertheless it's still very drinkable. Our latest be