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Firstborn's Birthday

Sallnessnessnoss  24 today - Where have those years gone?! We are delighted to say she is still as lovely as ever & we feel very lucky to have produced such a beautiful girlie... No idea how we did it! More about Sal   And her website Happy Birthday Sweet Buddy! Lots of love, hugs, snugs & cuds. Momwah & Poppaloppa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Our baby girl is poorly! It sounds like Ryan is doing a fantastic job looking after her... But we want to see her & shower her with herbal remedies, fruit & advice! She's not going to like it & probably won't listen...  But she's our little girl... Looking forward to giving you a big hug sweet little Sallness!!! Love Momwah & Poppalopsy ♥ xx ♥

This Is The Girl...

Who was born 23 years ago today... And turned our lives upside down... This is the girl... Who made us a very tired, but happy family... This is the girl... Who is still as cheeky & cute... This is the girl... Who has always been independent...  Especially where food's concerned! This is the girl... Who shares a special bond with her siblings... And this is the boy... Who swept her off her feet over 5 years ago... Happy Birthday!!! Sallnessnessy - We love you Beautiful Girlie! Love from your old Ma & Pa ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥