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Happy Home

After a couple of cancellations - we finally have our first official guests arriving on Monday. But first, we have Asa's (Rose's boyfriend) parents staying on Saturday, so it will be good to know what they think... We are keeping our prices fairly low: £20 a night for one person & £35 for two, including breakfast & hope our guests will enjoy our informal approach. We're also offering 2 course evening meals, including a jug of our home brewed beer for £5 a head. It's taken us ages to get our act together & give the place a makeover, partly because we haven't really wanted to splash out on new things, so we've moved furniture around & bought a few second hand bits... We recently found some really good quality curtains in a charity shop, so the two windows in the guest room are now matching! They are a big pair of curtains, so one is enough for each window & eventually we'll stick some hooks up to tie them back... We bought this bureau

Mevagissey Festival

Here's some photos which prove men never grow up... Festival transport... And the boys got to ride shotgun through Mevagissey... The drummer maybe a cool dude, but he still mucks in...  The stage on the quay side... "Shall we do the gig, or shall we take the ferry to Fowey?" Two dolphins... Friends, friends, friends, friends... Hmmm... Getting a bit worried about these two! JC - soundman & producer to the stars... The boys enjoying themselves... I think they'd had a tiff... Sime's turn to ride on the back of the truck... With all the gear... And as it's festival week - the police just waved at him... He was very excited! The stage from the side... The harbour... Backbeat Sound System Two Smithlets & a boyfriend A lovely time with family & friends. Kay & Sime xx