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Busy Bees

We seem to have been zooming around  all over the place just lately...
Working, time with the kidlets, meetings & seeing friends. 
The weather is constantly changing, so we've found ourselves wrapped up in too many layers, not warm enough or soaked to the skin...

We've had far too many late nights & early mornings, but it's been lovely!

Here's a look at the last week...

A meal at Olive in Truro.
Not really good enough for the price... And we were soon hungry again!

But we got to see the girlies!

Lad's & dad's time...
Probably talking complete nonsense as usual!

Dark & cloudy day...

Storm coming in...

Warm & sunny breakfast time...

Porridge with blueberries.

My lovely little coffee pot.

Our garden...

This is Sea Breeze - it spreads all over the place & I love it!

So does this little chap...

Organised chaos - our laundry room.
AKA Nan's room.
The photo doesn't show the huge bags all over the floor!

Bored & tired of ironing...

Out for another meal... In Falmouth.
Forgot to take a photo, but our meals were delicious & they were very knowledgeable about vegan food!

Remembered to take a photo after we'd eaten though...
We used to do home from home care up north & V was a young woman who came to stay with us every week to allow her parents to have some free time. 
We have remained friends with her & her folks ever since. It's been 6 years since we last met up, so we had a lovely time! 

V lives in a supported house, but still sees her family at least twice a week.
We were forced to stop caring for her when she moved, because Sime & I worked for the same network at the time.We were all upset that our relationship couldn't continue, but at least since coming to Cornwall - we've been able to be in touch again!
We left with promises of not leaving it too long until next time!

Our nettle beer is ready to drink...

And as I type - we have another brew simmering away on the stove & it smells divine!

Sime's performing at two festivals with the Dolphins over the next couple of days, as well as fitting in time to work...

Is anyone else doing nice things this weekend?
Kay & Sime


Kath said…
wow you have been busy. Not too busy to spare a moment to pop over with fashion and grooming tips tho, Sime LOL :-D
That beer looks good, we're off to make sure the local cider is still up to standard, it's a bind having to carry out taste-tests every Friday night, but someone has to do it ;-) hee hee
Enjoy your weekend!
Jane and Chris said…
All that talk of food...I'm starving waiting for Chris to finish up a call before we have lunch. We have a teeny celebration tonight,then chores all weekend (I'm saving my 'bore me to tears' ironing until Monday).
Jane x
Sounds like a good idea... We had some rather nice Cornish alcoholic ginger beer at our local pub the other night. Which reminds me - please thank your lovely husband for that beer, it was really good!

I don't think Sime realises what he looks like himself... He's been walking around for days with mustard all down his top!

Hope you enjoy your cider & have a lovely weekend!

Kay :)
We have lots of holiday let bed linen to iron each week. Sime doesn't mind doing it, but I'm quicker & as we always leave it until the last minute - I end up with the job & really dislike it!

Anyway, nevermind... Hope you get to eat your lunch soon!

Enjoy your celebration tonight & have a lovely weekend!

Kay :)
Mrs Thrifty said…
LOL - catching up with the jobs that have grown whilst I was in Canada. You seem as busy as ever - good to catch up on your news xx
Welcome back Mrs Thrifty!

Always busy here... Hope you manage to get on top of everything!

Have a lovely weekend!

Kay :)
Scarlet said…
Your garden is so beautiful, and porridge with blueberries sounds delicious. If I can prise J away from the book he may do a bit more wallpaper stripping in the hallway! I have more sewing to do. Just aswell we have some indoor jobs to do as we've had torrential rain all day , and more is forecast - a month's worth in 24 hours was mentioned on the local news.
Thanks Scarlet - Wow the weather up there sounds as crazy as here... It's been dry, but quite cool here today!

It's a good sign that J's still engrossed - we were the same!

Have a lovely weekend - hope it dries out & your allotment's ok.

Kay :)
Molly said…
You two certainly have some great times together. I just adore the Sea Breeze flowers. They're lovely!
Catherine said…
GAAAK! I hate ironing! So I don't. LOL!
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday Kay!
xo Catherine
Thanks Molly - Life's too short not to!

Kay :)
I feel slightly better about it when I think we're getting paid to do it!

Hope you have a good day too Catherine - the sun has just come out here... Hooray!

Kay :)
Unknown said…
Just catching up with your posts.

Firstly I am thinking seriously about all your dietary advice. I hold my hands up to say that we could eat a lot better and are caught up in a trap.

Secondly your snakes post was hilarious! You two are so funny and we watched it after a cr*p day, it really cheered us up.
I kept thinking of that awful film Snakes in a Plane!

Thirdly, I love reading your updates. You have such a great perspective in life!

Sft x
Thanks Sft - I would highly recommend a plant based diet. We feel amazing!

Glad we cheered you up!

You are very sweet - thank you!

Kay :)

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