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Sime was playing at the Polperro Festival last night & at the last minute I decided to go along, as I haven't visited Polperro for years...

While the guys were setting up - I had a mooch about...

When I got back to the stage - the crowd were waiting eagerly for the band to kick in...

It was a great gig & all the festival goers didn't want them to stop!

I loved these two characters at the back of the stage...

Now off to the Mevagissey Feast Week & another gig for the band.

On our way home last night...

Bye for now.

Kay & Sime


Unknown said…
What a beautiful place. Never been but it's going on the list. NOW!

The gig looks great fun. Always good to leave the audience wanting more!

Sft x
Kath said…
I'm LOVING that house decorated with shells!
just Gai said…
We've walked to Polperro from Looe on a couple of occasions. It's a lovely route with the reward of a delightful fishing village at the end.
Scarlet said…
Those photos have made me just a little bit excited about our very soon trip to Cornwall! Glad the gig went well.
Hi Sft, Polperro is lovely & definitely worth a visit!

Kay :)
Hi Kath, It's a holiday cottage & is a snip at £175 per night!

Kay :)
Hi Gai, We haven't done that walk, but it is quite a walk from the car park at the top... They used to have a horse & carriage to take folks down into the village, but now we think they use little electric buses to transport people up & down.

Kay :)
Hi Scarlet, There's so much to see & do - but the weather is still being weird... Just after I got to the stage on Saturday, it absolutely poured down for the rest of the night. Yesterday was beautiful again & today is cold & miserable!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Kay :)
Pattypan said…
Hi Kay and Sime

Polperro long time since I have been there but I have fond memories of when the step children were younger. Did you go in search of the Pisky? Glad you had a good couple of gigs and loved the art work. If I was closer I would come down and support you. I started collecting Enchantica in Polperro (wizard figurines dragons and the like) used to get expensive going on holiday.

If you would like to take part, please pop along to my blog at there is an award for you to collect, if you want to join in please do (not sure what to do please ask) equally if you decide not to take part I will understand.

Hope you have recovered from Polperro etc.

Take care and catch up soon


Rebecca said…
Polperro is a lovely village, we've been several times x
Thank you Pattypan - you are lovely!

K&S :)
Hi Becky,

It is & I really enjoyed visiting again!

Kay :)