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Snakes In A Bin

Our garden this morning...

Kidlets close your ears - Momma says some naughty words... 
(It was Dad's fault!)

Even after years of pranks, Sime can still catch me out, but he knows... I'll get him back!!!

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
So tomorrow we'll be seeing a video of Sime stuffed head first into the compost bin?
Jane x
SMILE. You big kids! I hope we are in a rest home with the two of you in our olden days I could imagine the havock that would be caused.
just Gai said…
Sime scared me - and I guessed what was coming. So I'm not surprised at your reaction. How wonderful, if a little disturbing, to have a snake in your compost bin. I guess it's the heat that attracts him/her.
That would be too soon... Need to let him think everything's ok first & then I'll surprise him! I've got a great idea...

Kay :)
I don't think any rest home would allow us in anyway!

Kay :)
We're pretty sure that it's a nesting female, apparently common at this time of year & she can lay up to 40 eggs... So a bit scary, but they're not harmful.

She is beautiful, but it was so bright yesterday that we couldn't see what we were filming & I can't help being jumpy!

Thank goodness she can't hear us!

Kay :)
Karin said…
No need to be scared of grass snakes, Kay, they are pretty harmless to humans. She's probably even more afraid of you. Is there anywhere you can go to handle snakes under expert supervision. I know there are sometimes sessions for children to stroke reptiles. It might help, or perhaps you would need some hypnotherapy first.

When I was in the Junior school I chased a girl around the class with a slow worm and thought it was quite a joke, so I can understand why Sime was tempted to scare you with a fake snake, but now I'm older I can see it wasn't very kind. I do still have to try hard to understand my daughter's fear of spiders. It can be difficult to appreciate just how scared of things like snakes and spiders some people can be if you don't share that fear.
Molly said…
Aw, Sime really got you! lol Mike does the same to me quite a bit, but like you said, we get them back!
Hi Karin - I wouldn't say I have a phobia, just a natural fear of the unexpected... I'm the same with mice when they come into the house!

Kay :)
Definitely! I have it all planned - just waiting for my moment!

Kay :)

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