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Way Out West

Another trip to the far west of Cornwall... Starting off at Marazion... With a good view of  St Michaels Mount . Towards Land's End - we spotted this traction engine... We had to stop to have a look. Then it was on to Sennen Cove... Where there was a strange mist over the sea... The sea looked beautiful... And the beach was packed! Land's End is now like a theme park... It costs £5 just to park the car - we didn't stay! Instead we stopped at  The Apple Tree Cafe . A place we could see ourselves running... Where we discovered we'd been before many years ago! When it had different owners... They obviously share our taste in colour... So lovely... And the food was outstanding... Courgette & Mint Burgers with all the trimmings. The tastiest meal we've had in a long time... The carrot cake was delicious too... As was the chocolate & walnut brownie... It was so good - we had to write an essay in their visitor's book! Once we managed to tear o

Temporary Residents

There must now be around a thousand people staying in our little hamlet... From here When there are usually about thirty of us, but now & for the next 6 weeks we have to put up with the disruption - which comes from being sandwiched between a youth hostel & a camp site. We don't blame folks wanting to have a piece of this beautiful place... Our beach is one of the loveliest in Cornwall... Enjoy your holiday people... Roll on September! In the meantime, here is a sneaky peek at our living room... The only before pic we took... After - slightly less cluttered too! Sime's got the pictures back up... Just got to sort out the floor...  We've discovered hard board under the carpet - we think there's a slate floor underneath. Sometime soon, when the old furniture is all out - we'll have a think about what to do... Bye for now... Kay & Sime xx

Cape Crusade

Another day out yesterday... This time to Cape Cornwall, which is near to Land's End - but quieter! The small town of St Just was just getting over  Lafrowda Festival . The courtyard of the junk shop. We loved this place - Yasmin's Deli... Where we had a delicious Homity Pie & a Spicy Lentil Roll... Served with stuffed olives, garlic & vine leaves, salad & chutney. We then sampled a couple of cakes - Carrot (on left) &  Banana & Choc Chip! Sime enjoyed a  Suki Tea  - their red berry was really good! The coast around Cape Cornwall... Quite a bleak place... Further north is a place called Pendeen... With beautiful rugged coastline... Crashing waves... And an unspoilt little beach... Pendeen Lighthouse. We sneaked into the grounds to take this... It's a lovely drive from St Just to St Ives... Crossing moorland with the remains of old tin mines... The lane is quite narrow, so it was a surprise to see a tourist bus! As we get closer to St Iv