Natural Light

A Piece Of Cornwall

Another day off, so we thought we would explore more of the Lizard...

And even though the weather forecast sounded bad...
It actually turned out to be hot again!

We decided to have a look at the Eastern side of the peninsula... 
So from Falmouth - we headed to St Keverne.

Where we found a roadside cottage selling all sorts...

Even old cart wheels for £40!

Then it was on to Coverack...

With it's quaint little harbour.

And this lovely old place...

Named after a famous lifeboat guy who was based there...

And now it's a quirky little takeaway...

With outside seats to enjoy the view.

A fascinating place. 

These were a group of folks going out to do some wind surfing.

Then it was back on the road again, passing nearby Goonhilly Earth Station, which BT closed down last year!

The Lizard has lots of thatched cottages.

This is the lane down to Cadgwith Cove.

A little place where time has stood still...

Apart from getting wired to modern technology!

A really pretty place.

Then we arrived at the very bottom of the Lizard & The Lizard Lighthouse.
You can holiday in the cottages around it!

This is the view just down from the lighthouse...

And this is the most southerly beach on mainland Britain...

The National Trust are responsible for all of this area.

There are a few of these shacks just on the path down to the beach.
This one is The Serpentine Works.

On the cliff edge!

The disused lifeboat station...

Baby birds in a hut next to it...

And a close up view!

The beach.

A seagull enjoying the view!

On our journey North again & we found this on a map...

The remains of a windmill!

It's just in a field, so there's no info...

But it's very picture worthy!

Next to the windmill is a small airfield & in the distance there's a hovering helicopter. 

It's a beautiful spot.
We love getting off the beaten track & have promised ourselves a picnic & walk around this area soon!

Bye for now,
Kay & Sime xx


Kath said…
OOh lovely, I did enjoy my tour! How nice to see Cadgwith again, my friends cottage is in a tiny lane opposite a little gallery and shop.
I am really looking forward to coming back to Cornwall in September.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the lovely tour of yet another place I would never see otherwise. I am so depressed.
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely day...oh, how I miss England, but some of my favorite pics are of you and your both look so happy :) Life is good, stay well.
Karin said…
You certainly live in a lovely part of the country. Maybe we'll venture there for a holiday one day, but I expect we might want somewhere with guaranteed sunshine next year.

We're spending our holiday in Germany this year and the weather forecast doesn't look too promising. Can you work your magic with the weather for us, please. We don't need it any hotter, temperatures of 26 and 28 are forecast, but we would prefer a lot less rain than is currently predicted, and no thunderstorms.
Thank you everyone - not long until September now Kath, when we usually have good weather & the sea is at it's best temperature!

Mel - at least you have better weather than us & I'm sure you have beautiful places near you!

Elizabeth - Life is good, thanks!

Karin - Whereabouts in Germany are you going? We've had a couple of great German holidays. Hope you have a great time!

Kay :)