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Portmeirion  is an amazing Italian-style village on the North West coast of Wales.  It was built from 1925 to 1975 by the very eccentric Sir Clough Williams-Ellis & it's fascinating. It's also where Patrick McGoohan's 1960s series The Prisoner  was filmed... On arrival there is a fee to pay. The village is privately owned with a rather up-market hotel & holiday cottages dotted around... It was good fun to see again the landmarks from The Prisoner. If my memory serves me, the character Number 6 stops by the statue of Hercules in the opening episode "Arrival" It has it's own beach. A nice coastal walk... And a lovely woodland to walk through too... This building was the residence of "Number 6" in the Prisoner TV show. It's actually quite small internally and is now a gift shop devoted to the Prisoner. The interior shots in the series were filmed on a set in Hertfordshire. The shop isn't half as good as it was