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Season's Greetings

 The shortest day is here and we can feel the excitement of the returning light... It's a dark morning here and although we are looking forward to the longer and lighter days, we still enjoy these cosy candlelit mornings. We may bring in some greenery at some point today and find a branch to decorate. Hope you are enjoying some slowness and taking time for yourselves. Wishing you a peaceful and Happy Solstice! Lots of love, Kay and Sime xx

Skinny Dipping

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your good wishes - we have had an amazing wedding anniversary! We will share our photos soon, but for now - here's one to zoom in on...  It was a scorching day on our actual anniversary, so what better way to spend it than to be naked in a reservoir! We've returned to lots of hard work & the start of a busy September for our B&B... Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Kay & Sime xx

Freedom Manifesto

From The Idler We've had this poster on our kitchen wall for many years & thought the beginning of a new year is a good time to share it with you... The last days of 2011 have been very busy for us.  Full of great times with family & friends... The Dolphins Fly had a great last gig of the year & are all fired with enthusiasm... And New Year's Eve was fun... Sime joined up with local band Tin Fins in our local village hall & we had a good night. Our Firework Video But I got very drunk... Spent most of New Year's Day in bed... And felt so much better later on... Back to work tomorrow! Kay & Sime xx


Well here we are. The year that our family has been talking about for a long time... We usually stay in & celebrate the new year quietly, but this year Sime has been persuaded to join up with local musicians in performing at the village hall! So we are venturing out for a change & there may even be fireworks on the beach later... We are wishing for a beautiful & positive year ahead.  Filled with laughter, perfect health, peace & happiness for us all. Happy New Year! Love Kay & Sime xx


How did we get here? 24 years of marriage today! We had no intention of getting married... So there was no engagement & Sime's proposal came out of the blue - on a pub car park, after a day at Alton Towers  & a bit of argument! We married in secret... We decided just to make the day our own. No grand ceremony, no flashy new clothes & just a few quid spent! All we bought was a special license because we were marrying within two weeks & our rings. We just told two friends who came along to be our witnesses. And we had the most perfect time. Our Mums were not happy when we returned from our honeymoon, but we didn't care... We had already decided to have a party a couple of weeks after, Sime's band performed & everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We thought it was a good idea to get really drunk before the party to help us get through the constant introductions, so just ended up giggling all night! Neither of us wanted to marry in front of lots of peopl