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Soil, Soul and Society

Please take some time to watch this video. Take some time to look at your life and learn how to live differently. If  you are unhappy, make changes to your life. Find gratitude in each day. Try not to criticise others and instead feel compassion. Enjoy time in nature. Be quiet and calm. There is so much anger and stress surrounding many of you out there at the moment... Take care of yourselves, take time out from the news and stop worrying about how many times your neighbours are venturing out. Occupy yourselves doing something new and interesting instead. Most of our days are spent weeding, planting, cooking and eating. We go to bed earlier than we have done in years, usually aching...pleasantly so though! We are learning about growing vegetables, enjoying playing with soil and it feels good spending lots of time out on the land. Sending you all much love, Kay and Sime xx

Simple Ecology

We need to understand that all species are related to each other, all of us have evolved together. The sun heats the soil, the soil feeds the trees, the trees feed the birds, the rain feeds the trees. All beings nourish each other. This is ecology. ~Satish Kumar~