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A Whirlwind Of A Week

We've been so busy... Working with our little friends... In between jobs... Sime's been painting the walls at the back of the house. We've washed everything possible & dried it outside... We attended our friend, Ruth's "installation" as Priest of St Gomomda's in Roche... The church & her new home are just across from this rocky outcrop... More here We took Hugo for a meal out at  Archie Brown's  in Truro... Millet burger, sweetcorn salsa & salad. And a fabulous raw chocolate torte! Made with avocados & raw cacao beans...  After our meal in Truro, we dropped Hugo off at  The Surya Yoga Camp . He was working as a steward & assisting with some circus workshops... Chyan  is the community field where the camp is based. Compost loos... This is our tipi... We sold it to the community some years ago & it's great to see it's being used! Inside the tipi... This was Hugo's 4th time at Surya, as our friends are the s


Tonight's sunset after a lovely hot day... And this morning... With Sime's latest quirky addition... No, not Rose's hat... His Euphonium plant pot! It's been hanging on the wall in what we call "The Jam Room" (musical jam rather than the sweet stuff) for years & now it is above the woodburner! Night, night. K&S xx

The Heatwave...

Is here! But we've got to go to work... Hope you're all having a lovely warm weekend! K&S xx

Family, Friends & Falmouth

Yesterday, we arranged to meet up with Scarlet , J, KL...  As well as our tribe at Miss Peapod's  in Penryn. It's an ideal place to sit & chat...  Which we did again for another 3 hours! Our kidlets had breakfast & Sal had to go off to work... Rose & Asa then took Hugo off to see their new flat... Sime's breakfast  - wilted spinach & mushrooms on toast, with beans & chutney! We were going to park & float into Falmouth afterwards, but it was £16 per car & it was already 2pm... So we parked in town - £3.50 for 3 hours. Sime got a bit snap happy... An electric road/litter cleaning machine - you can tell we don't get out much! "And it was this big..." An ancient Falmouth by-law states that all dogs must be wheeled. Falmouth Harbour Would you want to eat here? Scarlet bargain hunting... A lot drier this week...  Scarlet, KL & J. How about that for colour co-ordination? Our summer outfits of course... We had a fab day, S