Natural Light


Tonight's sunset after a lovely hot day...

And this morning... With Sime's latest quirky addition...
No, not Rose's hat... His Euphonium plant pot!
It's been hanging on the wall in what we call "The Jam Room" (musical jam rather than the sweet stuff) for years & now it is above the woodburner!

Night, night.



Molly said…
Music & nature together is a lovely combination!
Jane and Chris said…
Oh, but the hat is SO sweet!!!
Jane x
Unknown said…

Oh, I just had a funny thought-what about your house appearing on Through The Keyhole!

Sft x
Sime has a habit of collecting musical instruments... The Euphonium was free as it doesn't work, but he just can't help himself. Using it as a plant pot was one of his better ideas!

Kay :)
We are a family of hat wearers, especially Rose & Sime... Rose left a collection of her hats behind when she left home last year & Sime seems to be making good use of them!

Kay :)
We were just thinking how unusual our house must look to folks... Hahaha! I don't think anyone would know what to make of our decoration - it's just a mish-mash of weirdness!

Kay :)
Catherine said…
That beautiful sunset was sure to give both of you sweet dreams!!
xo C