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For The Love Of Books

Last week we spent a couple of hours in a book shop while the brakes on our car were being fixed. We were in Truro and it was bitterly cold - neither of us likes traipsing around shops, but we do enjoy books and since probably giving hundreds away, it was rather comforting to step into this little haven. After going off in separate directions for a while (Sime always heads to the music section, while I go straight to the travel books), we eventually found each other again and discovered an empty sofa. We then spent a blissful hour with Sime reading to me. We were occasionally aware of other people around us, some looked at us as if we were scum (we are used to this). Our appearance obviously gives people a certain impression of us... Sime's beard, my old fraying French army coat and our general scruffiness. Others seemed quite enchanted and kept looking over at us smiling. It made us wonder if people are not used to seeing adults read to each other, but it's som

Funny Little Miracles

     We took our car for it's MOT today & while in town, we decided to check out the local second-hand book shop, which used to be run by Oxfam - until they decided it wasn't making enough money... Luckily, a local charity which supports people with disabilities has taken it over & we popped in to have a browse. In there I discovered three books on my list of wants & not only that - they had a "buy 2, get the 3rd free" deal on too, so I bought all three for less than £4 & they are all in very good condition! Don't you just love it when amazing things like that happen? Another miracle - The car passed! Going out with the kidlets tomorrow for another birthday treat!  Sime's booked a table for lunch at  Sam's On The Beach , a place we've been meaning to visit for a while... Think we'll have to smarten ourselves up a bit! Kay :)

Happy Holidays

We've spent our first couple days just chilling out, mainly reading... Sime's a bit knackered from all the driving, which of course - is his choice. I like to drive too, but it's actually awful having Sime as a passenger (he's very polite in other people's cars, but absolutely dreadful with me), so we have just slotted into this comfortable existence over the years - he drives & as I'm the better navigator, I work out the routes. I love map reading & can happily spend hours with them - just dreaming & planning! We have brought a large box of books away with us, a mixture of library, second-hand & a few new ones that we really wanted or can pass on to others after.  Hugo can read around one book a day & has so far read:  The Uglies Quartet   Behemoth    &  The Dead     I'm also reading Uglies & Co, but am only on the 2nd book:  Pretties       Sime's read:  Killing Floor     & has nearly finished:  From a Buick 8   The