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What A Difference A Day Makes

We seem to have developed a rather nice addiction to walking the coast... Yesterday turned into a 3 hour trek... With lots of mud... Looking back at our hamlet on the right. First there was one... Then there were many... We were heading to the next cove along from ours... And although it was a beautiful Saturday morning... There was no one else around... First glimpse of Vault Beach... Just cows... And sheep for company... Lamledra House & Woodland is ahead... We always take a bag with us to pick up rubbish, so we must be beach heroes too! Vault is at the bottom of quite a steep path... But is well worth the effort... On arrival there was one woman on her way off the beach. Can you spot her red hat? We spent an hour there & had the whole beach to ourselves... And it was really quite warm sitting in the sun... A lovely clean beach - the sign must be working! It felt like we were on a desert island... Midday sun... Such a lovely day. Unlike today, which is w

Fat Free Veganism

Our last treats... Were the vegan cookies we made for Hugo's birthday... And his vegan birthday cake... But we've decided to cut all oils, fats & processed foods from our diet, so we are now just eating vegetables, fruit, whole grains & pulses. It's actually proving to be quite a challenge, because although our fat intake wasn't huge (mainly olive oil), our bodies are craving fatty & sweet foods - never before have we thought much of crisps, pastry & cakes, but now it's our main topic of conversation! We are eating well though... Carrot, beetroot, apple & ginger juice. Pear, banana & raspberry smoothie. Kale, celery, apple, fennel, ginger & lemon juice. We are making our own soya, rice & oat milks... And using the leftover mushy stuff in porridge. We've been making curries using a small amount of water to start off the vegetables...  Red lentil & Veg curry with Onion & polenta bhajis. Making at least one salad

Sea Glass

Yesterday was a bit dull, but we got up & fancied doing some beachcombing... It was low tide & the beach opened out... Again we had the place to ourselves... Love it!  And we found some sea glass to add to our collection... What shall we do with it... Any ideas? Kay & Sime xx

Immune System Strengthening

About 12 years ago, I studied to be a Vegan/Vegetarian Nutritional Therapist & although I never did anything with it - I continue to love learning more about health & nutrition. I did a pre-nursing course at college, but discovered that I was (& still am) incredibly squeamish around blood, lumps, veins & wounds, so I went into social care instead... I did love food & nutrition classes, not just the cookery, but learning about the importance of a balanced diet & how meals should always be colourful to provide maximum nutrients. It's something that has stayed with me & has made me the picky person I am today - I can't bear to see a bland looking meal! I am fascinated by the foods which can have an impact on our health & wellbeing. So we have lots of books & the learning never stops, I give advice out to others & in some cases have helped family & friends to recover from various ailments, but when it comes to myself - I've been crap


We forgot the birthday candles... Still had a lovely time... And Hugo didn't mind!

Early Celebration

Hugo is 15 tomorrow! What a difference a year makes... So because of work commitments of the older kidlets... We got together yesterday for a lovely meal... And then a film... A very enjoyable time indeed! Happy Birthday  Splendid Young Chum! Lots of love & snugs, Momwah & Popsy  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx