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Fat Free Veganism

Our last treats...

Were the vegan cookies we made for Hugo's birthday...

And his vegan birthday cake...

But we've decided to cut all oils, fats & processed foods from our diet, so we are now just eating vegetables, fruit, whole grains & pulses.
It's actually proving to be quite a challenge, because although our fat intake wasn't huge (mainly olive oil), our bodies are craving fatty & sweet foods - never before have we thought much of crisps, pastry & cakes, but now it's our main topic of conversation!

We are eating well though...

Carrot, beetroot, apple & ginger juice.

Pear, banana & raspberry smoothie.

Kale, celery, apple, fennel, ginger & lemon juice.

We are making our own soya, rice & oat milks...

And using the leftover mushy stuff in porridge.

We've been making curries using a small amount of water to start off the vegetables...
 Red lentil & Veg curry with Onion & polenta bhajis.

Making at least one salad a day.

And dry roasting vegetables in the oven...
Brown lentil & veg crumble, using breadcrumbs from our bread.

We've discovered new tastes...

Kale, broccoli & mushroom pie - using rice as the base, with a lemon & miso sauce.

Tofu & Mushrooms with quinoa, steamed & roasted veg.

It can take up to 3 months for the cravings to stop, but the good thing is - we definitely have more energy & are not flagging in the afternoons...

So we're walking lots...

And feeling good!

Have a lovely weekend.
Kay & Sime xx


Kath said…
Your food looks yummee, I could imagine myself enjoying it all. I'm not as disciplined as you, I never get over the cravings and after about 6 weeks make up for lost time with the naughty stuff!
Interesting to know you are feeling more energetic. I shall enjoy knowing how you get on.
Thanks Kath, the thing is though - we're craving food that we rarely eat!
Mum said…
Wow, all that food looks great and is obviously doing you both good.
Love from Mum
Anonymous said…
The food looks delicious. You have incredible willpower.
Karin said…
Do our bodies not need fat, in the form of good fats such as olive oil?

I've had a craving for butter lately, which I had weaned myself off and I should probably make more of an effort not to give in to that. However, a little olive, or other vegetable oil is good for us as far as I know and some say it even helps with weight loss, if eaten in moderation of course.
Thanks Mum & Mel!

Karin - we always thought a good quality extra virgin olive oil to be good, but in a nutshell - it doesn't really contain anything very nutritious. We already eat ground linseeds (flax) which give us omega 3s. Quitting fat & relying on complex carbohydrates to provide energy is a way to keep us feeling good & so far - it's working!

Kay :)
Nic said…
Everything looks so delicious!

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