Eden Project Time of Gifts

Last week we went to the Eden Project's Time Of Gifts Winter Festival.

We enjoyed a lovely evening...

It rained, but turned out to be warm for this time of year...

Inside the Mediterranean Biome... 

Hot Air Balloon in the Humid Biome...

The Malaysian House in the Humid Biome...

The campfire outside...

And Sime with his lantern...
(Which he nearly burnt the house down with the other day)!

Our video of the music... We loved this song!


K&S xx


  1. Wow, an unbeatable venue, for sure!

  2. Hi Kath, Eden's great & as locals we get to buy an annual pass for £5, so we get in free for the rest of the year - which is nice!

    Kay :)

  3. Very cool!

    Glad Sime didn't burn the house down! ;)

    xo Catherine

  4. Hi Catherine,

    I can't believe he lit an outdoor lantern made of paper & wood & left it in the dining room... A few minutes later I heard a crackling noise & put my head around the door - the lantern had gone up in flames & one of the ceiling beams caught fire too!

    He's just as nutty as a fruit cake!

    Kay ;)

  5. Note to Sime - don't burn the house down.


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