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School Daze Part 2

 I get all misty eyed whenever I think of my school days. Just kidding. It's time to lay it on thick and Bastard (who we met in part 1) features heavily today. Did I say how hairy his legs were? Goodness gracious, how neglectful of me. This man had an unfeasibly wiry growth of black hairs upon his legs. You couldn't help but stare at them.I don't believe that anyone wasn't mesmerised by this forest of hirsuteness. One could be forgiven for thinking that at a distance he could have been sporting leg warmers. But I digress. It was all about the bullying. The big incident happened immediately following football practice at the end of a Friday afternoon. We returned to the changing room and Barry (not his real name) could not locate his underwear. To cut a long story short, Bastard menacingly informed us that this was such a serious issue that the only course of action was for us all - about ten of us, to follow him to THE PREFAB. This was an old prefabricated room that w

School Daze Part 1

I've been meaning to get this off my chest for a long time and I know that by doing so I'm going to feel so much better for it. Kay knows the stories well. I've bored her to tears with them for years, so by getting them "out there", perhaps I'll get some closure and peace of mind with the whole thing. This blog is all about my experiences of abuse within the schools I attended between 1971 and 1976. Let's be clear right from the start about the abuse - it was predominantly of the mental torture and physical punishment kind and was not of a sexual nature - except for one incident I witnessed that made me feel uneasy and which I will describe later. Back in the 1970's, the cane or ruler ruled. I don't know what your stance on punishment is, but mine is firmly of the belief that it is fundamentally *wrong*. No human should inflict pain and suffering upon another (except in establishments whereupon a fiscal transaction has occurred) , but in school