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Carcassonne Ramparts

We've got so used to the blue skies & sunshine, that yesterday we had a surprise - rain! So we put off our trip to Carcassonne until today & luckily, we had good weather (apart from the wind)... Many years ago, Carcassonne was the border city to Spain & there is very much a Spanish feel to this whole area. The city was renovated over a 50 year period, finishing in 1910 & what we see now is how the city would have looked in the 13th century.  We like it a lot! K & S xx

Noisy Village, Peaceful (& Scary) City

As much as we love the house, the location is starting to grate... The dinging of the Mairie clock seemed very twee when we arrived, it strikes on the hour, then repeats the same amount a few seconds later - this carries on through the night & is just a stones throw away from us. Then there's the infant school next to the Mairie, hearing the children running around screaming & shouting is just about tolerable, but the fact that they get dropped off by car at 8.45am, picked up again for lunch at 12pm, dropped off again at 2pm & picked up again at 5pm & this is all happening just outside the house. The Mairie also has a tannoy system, which we woke to this morning with "Ding-dong, 'allo, 'allo" & then the guy went on to announce some sort of social event going on in the village. Shortly after, 2 road workers arrived outside the house & started to scrape & sweep the gutter. One of them insisted on singing as loud as he could, but was