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Vegan MOFO

Starting on Monday, we will be joining in with a whole month of blogging about vegan food. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of our favourite recipes, experiment more with apple purée to replace oil/margarine & talk about the cookbooks we have been using for many years. Sime & I will also be having a few days in Stoke-on-Trent during the month, so there will be the usual dining out adventures... Thank you to  Molly & Mike  for featuring  Vegan MOFO  on their blog - I nearly forgot to sign up! Hope you all have a great weekend! Kay x The Smiths On Tour Luxembourg 2009

TV Or Not TV...

That is the question... We don't have a television, but because of the licensing law in the UK, every two years we get hassled by the license people. They keep bombarding us with letters asking us to confirm that we are still managing to survive without a TV & reminding us that it is a crime if we do have one without a license. This year, I just thought we should ignore the letters & see if anyone comes to check up on us, but after receiving quite a few - Sime had enough & called them... As we've left it a bit late, they have said that someone may come out to visit, but unless they come with a warrant & are accompanied by the police - we don't have to let them in. We have nothing to hide, we don't have any televisions in the house & our broadband isn't fast enough to watch live programmes, but it's just the principle of the matter.  We have chosen to live without & feel annoyed that we are treated like criminals be

Balancing Act

I've made a discovery... My thyroid condition is back & I'm really pissed off about it! All this time, I thought I'd lost weight because of my healthy food choices, but it looks like my immune system just doesn't like hard work & has started attacking itself again.  I eat far better than ever, so it has to be from just doing too much...  This weekend will be the last of the full on changeovers, which is great for me - but for Sime, it's the season of worry... Will we make it through to next spring on the money we have made this summer? So I'll get better over the winter, while Sime will probably slip into the worry zone. Money has never bothered me, I know we can budget & do without. I'd rather do that than work as much as we do, besides we have more money than last winter, so things aren't so bad!  Sime likes to be busy, he loves work coming in & is happy to juggle things to shoehorn every last job into our workin

A Bit Behind

Hello! We are so busy, we're struggling to keep up with our blog, as well as read others... We haven't even shared all our holiday photos yet, but Sime took this video of our evening walk on Bodmin Moor... And here's a photo from today... Mondays Cafe reunion. A meal at  Sam's On The Beach  which we will post about later. Night, night & hope you are all well! Kay & Sime xx

Being Here

Having a holiday always makes me dread coming home, I just never want our good times to stop. Not that home life is crap, but there is room for improvement with our work. I really have felt fed up with the constant cleaning, the washing & especially the ironing...  Yes we get paid fairly well for what we do, but it's hard bloody work! I really can't wait to slow down & since our return - we've been talking about making some changes yet again... Our B&B is going great - we're booked up for all this month & we've had lots of lovely guests, so we're definitely going to prepare another en-suite room for next year.  We both love having folks to stay & find it much more enjoyable than our day job. So a move towards doing the B&B full time is looking very good indeed at the moment, especially as our last guests have inspired us to think about offering more than just a bed & meals. We dream of being home based, of having the opportunity to

Willing Chefs

We knew while we were away that we wouldn't come across any veggie eateries, so we just took pot luck & hoped for the best... We love carvery vegetables & were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that they were serving exactly what we both fancied at  The Old Inn  at St Breward. The chef was really helpful & told us what we could have & also gave us a big bowl of vegan spuds (the main ones were cooked in beef fat) & a jug of freshly made vegan gravy. The stuffing was vegan too! The pub always has at least 4 veggie dishes throughout the week & would be willing to put a vegan meal together. We arrived at The Halfway House fairly late & found nothing on the menu, but after discussions with the staff - they managed to make a vegetable bake which they topped with sliced boiled spuds. It was ok & we were hungry... The best meal while we were away, was fortunately on our anniversary. We called at  The Rising Sun  after our walk & swim, when aske


This is where we stayed last week. The yurt's name is Daddy Bear...   It was lovely & cosy... It had a wood burning stove, which we lit every night... And a kitty came to join us. We called him Goldilocks... Making porridge... And eating it... The other yurts in the field. This building houses solar showers & washing up sinks... This hen & her chicks were hanging around while we were washing up... As well as these lovely pigs... This one took a fancy to Sime's boot... Can you see these little chaps? We spotted them & Sime quickly grabbed one for a cuddle... We did debate whether we should bring him home! And on the moor... There were lots of foals... All roaming free... And the sheep were free too... As well as skinny dipping, we have walked on moorland, through forests, visited standing stones & seen the sunset at Crackington Haven. More photos soon... Kay & Sime xx

Skinny Dipping

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your good wishes - we have had an amazing wedding anniversary! We will share our photos soon, but for now - here's one to zoom in on...  It was a scorching day on our actual anniversary, so what better way to spend it than to be naked in a reservoir! We've returned to lots of hard work & the start of a busy September for our B&B... Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Kay & Sime xx