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A Bit Behind


We are so busy, we're struggling to keep up with our blog, as well as read others...

We haven't even shared all our holiday photos yet, but Sime took this video of our evening walk on Bodmin Moor...

And here's a photo from today...

Mondays Cafe reunion.

A meal at Sam's On The Beach which we will post about later.

Night, night & hope you are all well!

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
Sime has a lovely voice!
Jane x
Kath said…
I was just thinking you were quiet, glad to know everything is OK. That table with it's close proximity to the sea looks like a wonderful place to eat lunch and catch up. I bet diners at this table are apt to linger...and linger...
Pattypan said…
Hi Ya - waves frantically hope you both okay. You went Bodmin then! Sorry couldn't resist. You might have guessed I am an avid Doc Martin fan, but everytime we used to go and stay at our local site in Otterham whenever we used to go into Port Wen (Port Isaac for the uninitiated) we used to end up bumping into Martin Clunes or the cast filming in the streets.

Glad everything is working out well. Things have been hectic here and I still haven't had a holiday! Will get there in the end. Glad the B& B working it sounds as though you have hit your forte. You are both so sociable in any event so I am not surprised but I am So pleased for you both. Kay I have a friend who is suffering with the underactive thyroid problem and I mentioned that you were dealing with it in your inimitable way and that you were using a herbal product rather than the synthetically produced thyroxine. Would you mind emailing me the details so I can pass the information on to her please so that she like you can make an informed decision.

Hope you have that log burner going I know I would if I was down there. One day you may well find me on your doorstep - you never know!

Take care

Love to you both


Catherine said…
Looks like you two are doing well. Good to see!
Have a happy week!
xo Catherine
Thanks Gai - I've really enjoyed catching up with your posts!

Kay :)
He sounds like a proper broad Pottery bloke on the video, but I agree!

Kay :)
We're still here & yes it's a great place to eat, we were told we could only have the table for 2 hours, but as the place wasn't too busy... We stayed for nearly 3 hours instead!

Kay :)
Good to hear from you Pattypan!

I have the opposite condition to your friend, but I can help... Will email you!

We love for you to drop in!

Kay :)
Thanks Catherine - hope the snow doesn't descend on you just yet!

Kay :)

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