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Balancing Act

I've made a discovery...

My thyroid condition is back & I'm really pissed off about it!

All this time, I thought I'd lost weight because of my healthy food choices, but it looks like my immune system just doesn't like hard work & has started attacking itself again.

 I eat far better than ever, so it has to be from just doing too much... 
This weekend will be the last of the full on changeovers, which is great for me - but for Sime, it's the season of worry... Will we make it through to next spring on the money we have made this summer?

So I'll get better over the winter, while Sime will probably slip into the worry zone.
Money has never bothered me, I know we can budget & do without. I'd rather do that than work as much as we do, besides we have more money than last winter, so things aren't so bad! 
Sime likes to be busy, he loves work coming in & is happy to juggle things to shoehorn every last job into our working day...

I have spent the last 7 years fighting this bloody disease & I want things to change.
Next year has to be different, we need security for Sime's sake, but I need to slow down.
We want to continue working together, because it's wonderful & we both want our B&B to be a success.
Over the winter, we are going to get our house in tiptop condition. We have 3 rooms of junk (4 including our outside store room) & it's got to go. 

Life is going to be very different next year.
We have to cut down on the summer cleans, build up our B&B & make money during the winter.
Making these changes will make our lives so much more enjoyable.

Sometimes, when Sal was small - she would announce that she wasn't having great fun. She thought her every living moment should be full of fun & why not? We would always suggest to her to do something else, try another activity which would make her happy...

We have been through periods in the past of working & living in places that have made us very unhappy, but we have proved to ourselves time & time again, that we can live the life we want & that is exactly what we want to do & are doing...

It just needs tweaking!

We are going to be fine.

Kay & Sime

PS. Sime isn't drunk, just eating a banana!


Jane and Chris said…
I hear you. Since I was diagnosed with a non fatal motor neurone disease I have good days and really bad days. I cannot work outside of the home so, no holdays and the house renos will take us forever...I worry myself sick at having to spend money (especially money we don't have ) we had to buy a new cooker just recently. Chris always shrugs things off believing it will all work out in the end....I worry and hand wring,but Chris is always right!
I have Chris and you have Sime...all is well.
Jane x
Mum said…
Poor you - here's a hug and keep up that fighting spirit.
Love from Mum
Kath said…
You 2 are so strong as a couple I think you can make anything happen. You have my great respect.
You've made a great start with the B and B and I'm sure next year will make the changes that you need.
Scarlet said…
Oh Kay, we're so sorry to hear that it's back. Wishing you the very best of luck with your tweaking, so that you feel better and Sime doesn't have to worry. Love J, L & KL.
Karin said…
So sorry to hear that you are unwell again, Kay. I do hope you can find a way to earn enough money to stop Simon worrying without you having to work more than is good for your health. Are either of you good at any crafts? Perhaps you could make things during the Winter to sell to tourists in the Summer? Good luck with your B&B business. I hope that works out well for you. Take care of yourself, Kay. Best wishes, Karin x
Anonymous said…
Ack, that stinks that your thyroid condition is acting up again. Auto-immune conditions can be so frustrating. I think you have a perfect attitude about life. You two seem to have a very fun, happy life! :)
just Gai said…
I'm so sorry Kay. But I'm glad to hear that you are resolved to finding a way around your difficulties. I hope your B&B business takes off as it seems to suit you. Take care of each other and keep smiling.
I've spent years trying to stop Sime worrying, but there's always something... I couldn't care less about money - when it's gone, it's gone, something else will come along...

Take care Jane.

Kay :)
Thanks Kath, I'm sure we'll get there...

Kay :)
Thanks Scarlet - our car's broken down today... Funny how things happen - I'm glad of the day off, but Sime's thinking of the cost...

Kay :)
Thanks Karin - that's a good idea, we've thought about it a few times. Sime's always saying he's going to make things from driftwood & I've thought about making vegan cakes, pates, nut roasts for local cafes & delicatessens. We shall see...

Kay :)
Thanks Molly, I know we'll be ok & we'll make the changes needed.

Kay :)
Thanks Gai, we shall be fine - looking forward to taking some time off & making plans for next year.

Kay :)