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TV Or Not TV...

That is the question...

We don't have a television, but because of the licensing law in the UK, every two years we get hassled by the license people.

They keep bombarding us with letters asking us to confirm that we are still managing to survive without a TV & reminding us that it is a crime if we do have one without a license.

This year, I just thought we should ignore the letters & see if anyone comes to check up on us, but after receiving quite a few - Sime had enough & called them... As we've left it a bit late, they have said that someone may come out to visit, but unless they come with a warrant & are accompanied by the police - we don't have to let them in.

We have nothing to hide, we don't have any televisions in the house & our broadband isn't fast enough to watch live programmes, but it's just the principle of the matter. 
We have chosen to live without & feel annoyed that we are treated like criminals because of our decision.
Do people who live without cars get hassled in the same way?

The whole thing is a farce & a complete waste of money, why won't they just leave us alone? And why do they request to know our phone number & email address? Sime refused to give them.

I like being an awkward bugger & look forward to meeting the licensing people on our doorstep soon...

What an intrusive country we live in.

Thanks for all your lovely comments & emails yesterday, they are much appreciated!



just Gai said…
I agree. It's ridiculous. I encounter the same kind (though to a much lesser degree) of incredulity when I admit to not owning a car or choosing not to fly or avoiding supermarkets. I feel as if I've suddenly grown two heads, sprouted antenna or turned purple!
I like being an awkward bugger & look forward to meeting the licensing people on our doorstep soon..

LOL! Brent and I are very much anti establishment folk too. I bet the power of bees are pleased most people conform to the norm...
Kath said…
It is not against the law to own a TV, only to receive transmissions without a licence. No one is entitled to enter your home to see if you have one, that is just something they try to frighten us with. I agree, it is very bullying and intrusive.
On a lighter note, it amuses me no end, the unfailing reaction when we say we don't have a TV. One American lady said it was "barbaric" HA HA!
Unknown said…
Firstly, I am so sorry to hear you've been poorly.

And I know you two will make a great success of your future, you have such a great attitude.

I totally agree with your post today, and as much as I love a quality programme on TV, I actually see it as a form of social control.

Good on you for being an awkward b*gger!

Sft x
Scarlet said…
We got threatening letters from TV licensing when we bought our first home - we didn't have any furniture in it, let alone a TV! People are surprised by anything that's seen to be outside the norm, whatever it is - I'm seen as very strange because I don't drink alcohol.
Anonymous said…
I had no idea that they have licensing laws like that there. What a bother! It does seem like a waste of resources for them to track TV use that much.
Jane and Chris said…
No licence to buy...but people think we are weird!!!
Jane x
Karin said…
Peter had to pay for a licence in Switzerland even though he had no intention of watching Swiss tv, his language skills not making it worth his while, and he couldn't watch the BBC abroad, either.
Thank you everyone!

Gai - I would love for us to live without a car again, we'd have to rethink work... But Mr Troubadour needs wheels to entertain the masses!

Leanne - I don't think I've ever conformed. Sime's dad says I'm like my Grandmother... A rebel!

Kath - We used to have an old TV - which we just watched DVDs on, but it died... One of our neighbours has a massive TV on her wall (we can see it from our dining room). Such a shame to ruin a nice house!

Sft - I'm going to be fine - taking all my herbal tinctures... We always get quite shocked at how rubbish most TV programmes are. We still enjoy DVDs & at the moment - we're addicted to Treme & Boss!

Scarlet - We're quite used to folks thinking we're weird, haha!

Molly - It's awful, we're told that
we have tv licenses in this country to support the BBC, but you have to have one even if you just watch other channels live on the computer. We just prefer to watch DVDs...

Jane - I know, funny really...

Karin - Makes me feel better that it's not just the UK, but awful that Peter had no choice.

Kay :)