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Lounge Lizards

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday and after returning from our pet sit in Devon, then catching up with work for a couple of days - we fancied just being at home, pottering about, making food and preparing our car for it's MOT this morning. We don't really need an official day to celebrate our relationship, we just find it quite funny that time is flying by and it's actually 36 years now since we made that commitment to each other. Anyway, our car "Earl" passed it's MOT early this morning and on the spur of the moment; we decided that that was definitely worth celebrating, especially as it was another beautiful day and we just so happened to be a couple of miles from Coverack, somewhere we hadn't visited for some time. While Earl was in Zoar garage, we treated ourselves to a vegan breakfast bap each from The Bus Stop takeaway, which is in the grounds of the garage. Sarah, the owner is really friendly and it's nice to be reacquainted with her and


Whilst in Truro today... We visited this cafe for the first time... And loved it! Lunch  is located on one of the many alleys... This one is called Tonkins Ope! Upstairs we had the place to ourselves... And were able to peruse 'Private Eye' & 'National Geographic Green' magazine - which was nice! Tasty houmous & salad sandwiches... And the best coffee ( & decaf ) in town! Two very happy diners! Just can't believe we've not ventured in before today... But we'll definitely be going back! K&S xx

Free Time

Hugo's been busy with his Circus Workshop & Cornwall Alternative Teens group over the last couple of days, so we decided to take the two days off work...   Yesterday we were in Falmouth & this headland is called Pendennis Point...  Henry VIII had  Pendennis Castle  built back in 1540 just above the headland, but it's very well hidden! The sea was a lovely colour... This is the lookout for the castle... Some years ago, Sime & the kids saw seals in the sea here, but there weren't any yesterday! The village across the water is St Mawes & another of Henry VIII's castles  is just on the left. We think the large sailing boat is one of the  Tall Ships Of Charlestown , we see them quite often near to where we live.  The speed boat looked like it should be moored in St Tropez!   Lots of activity & that's  St Anthony's Lighthouse  on the right. The day was finished off with a treat... Says it all... Today we ventured over to the North Coast...

Coffee & Colds

It's not very often that we get colds, but about 3 weeks ago - Sime had one out of the blue & no-one else in the family got it...  As usual, he suffered terribly for a couple of days & made sure we all knew about it! He's such a big baby when he's ill & I do try to be sympathetic, but I did end up telling him to pull himself together! Anyway, I'm feeling rather guilty now, as Hugo started with it at the weekend & he never causes a fuss, but he really was ill for a couple of days & guess what... I started with it on Monday & have just had 2 lousy days of feeling crap! And you know what else? Sime has cared for us brilliantly (which he always does) & he never complains... He's done all the cooking for the last few days & really pampered us. So not only do I feel ill, but I feel such a horrible git too.  Next time Sime is ill, I promise to be more thoughtful & caring, I won't utter the words "typical man" or "man

Late Night Waffle

It's going to be very exciting next week - when we switch over to our new ISP... Just hope all our signal problems will be resolved. At the moment, every day is different - some days we can get on to a few websites, other days it's just emails, so looking forward to having a little continuity back!  We've just decided that a trip to the local internet coffee shop may be needed tomorrow... As amongst other things, we have a son-out-law who needs to be wished happy birthday (Ryan, if you see this - sorry you know what we're like... Prezzie & card will be hand delivered on Friday :) Have a lovely day matey)!!! Anyway, Sime thinks folks will find this video funny... Us Being Us Anyone would think we've got nothing better to do! It gets worse.. Yes - I am married to an insane man! The other thing we have to do is upload a film we took today & frustratingly can't get it on...  The weather has changed drastically here & today it's been very windy

Another Day, Another Coffee

We briefly had a full connection on Monday night... Just as we were heading to bed - Hugo came flying downstairs saying we're back on! It didn't last though & again yesterday it was off... We've now requested our MAC code from The Phone Co-op, which they have until next Monday to provide us with. Then we're definitely going to join BT & hope that all our problems will be over. Here we are in Truro - Hugo's at the the CAT Group & we're going to spend a couple of hours mooching around the city (again). Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

Our Trip Up North

We started out on our journey from Cornwall early in the morning, it usually takes us about 6 hours to get up to Stoke-on-Trent, where our folks live. There is one main road which cuts through Bodmin Moor & Devon before joining the motorway to head north. Unfortunately, there was black ice up near the Jamaica Inn, which had caused several accidents that morning, so the police closed both carriageways... We decided to detour & take the small lanes through the moorland villages & so our journey out of Cornwall doubled in time, as we met with more treacherous icy conditions. Although it was a bit hairy at times, it was a beautiful morning & at least we got to see sights like this - If you can't make it out, it's a natural tree root feature that has been decorated with white wellington boots! Several hours later, we were nearing our destination & got our first glimpse of snow on the fields by the motorway, just outside of Birmingham.  The delightful view from