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World Food Share

Last night we went over to our friends' at  Cotna  again for a leaving & birthday party... We enjoyed yet another fabulous feast of veggie food with friends old & new. The salad leaves & potatoes are all grown on the smallholding. And there were lots of lovely dishes to accompany, including Bulgarian Bean Soup, Indian Lentil Dhal, Arabian Rice, Mexican Corn Bread & Cornish Rock Samphire... Amazingly, none of us ever discuss what we're making, but it always works out just perfectly & a s ever - we had a great night with lovely folks!  Happy 25th Birthday to Matteo! Who enjoyed another of Magie's delicious cakes.  Matteo has been WWOOFing at Cotna for a year now... And is sadly leaving tomorrow to travel around the UK before returning home to Italy in September. We've all enjoyed getting to know him & hope he will keep in touch. Hope you've all had or are having a good weekend. It's been quite stormy here since just after midnight last

Nightmare Of A Week

We've had quite a busy week again, though not all work...   The cottages we cleaned this morning were not too bad, so we were home for midday  & took the opportunity to watch a Korean film that's been sitting around for over a month & it was good. Last weekend we went to our friends' Ruby Wedding celebration, which was great. They obviously really enjoyed themselves & it was so nice to be a part of it. They are such lovely people & their love for each other & their family is wonderful! Our kidlets had a get-together this week - they had a game night at Sal & Ryan's, so Hugo went over to stay & was quite pleased to have won at Poker. It is so nice that they all love to see each other & only our kids would be quirky enough to have game nights... Such lovelies! We've made a date to see the girlies next week, so looking forward to that! After dropping Hugo off at the train station, Sime & I decided to go & see the film 'The

Rude People

WARNING This post contains strong language. It's not very often that we encounter rude people, but the one that we met today had it in abundance. I didn't do anything wrong, yet still a particularly unpleasant & foul mouthed woman called me *A Fucking Prick!*  We found her outburst quite funny actually, but she wasn't laughing. Bye for now, Sime

Happy Songs

Inspired by a show on the radio... Think of 3 very different songs that make you feel good. Here are KT's: And mine: Does anyone else have feel good music ideas? 3 very different songs that you would turn up if you heard it on the radio. Bye for now, Sime

Chilli Non Carne Feast

We eat a lot of spicy food - though only Sime likes it really hot! On Monday we made a big pot of chilli, which keeps the three of us going (literally) - full of fibre with fresh veggies & pulses!  Wednesdays we have an organic veg & fruit delivery, so by the following Monday/Tuesday we're just using up what's left. This was our quick(ish) version... We always start with chopped or sliced onions & simmer them in a little water for about 10 minutes.Then we added celery, carrots, butternut squash, ginger for another 15 mins. Next we added a teaspoon each of smoked paprika, cumin & chilli powder & continued simmering for another 5 mins. We then added mushrooms, green pepper, garlic & from the freezer (or you can use tinned) sweetcorn, kidney & butter beans. Plus 2 tins of chopped tomatoes - we turned up the heat & got it bubbling, then simmered again for 15 mins. We also added some chopped spinach, but Sime added it too soon & it disintegrated

Blog Awards

We have received these awards recently & would like to thank the ladies who passed them on to us... Firstly, it was a while ago that Karin passed this on to us & we apologise for not saying anything sooner... Here is  Karin's Blog  about her garden & it's transformation.   Also from here you can click on to her other blog:  Green And Generous . We have followed Karin since coming across her during  No Impact Week  over a year ago & have found her posts to be both interesting & thought provoking. Karin & her Husband are training to be beekeepers, so it's a very exciting time for them. They also keep some rather beautiful chickens! Also a while ago, we received this award from Mum, who doesn't actually follow us, but occasionally makes comments... She can be found here:  Mum's Blog  & it seems to be a very happy blog! Lastly, this is from Mrs Thrifty, who is a new follower & already we have found h

Diet And Drugs

Some of you know about my fight with Graves Disease, an auto immune system disorder, which causes an overactive thyroid. Since I was diagnosed 7 years ago, I have made it my business to know everything I possibly could about the condition & this has probably saved my life. I have blood tests on a regular basis & in November last year, I was told that my T4 levels are normal & again in January the same.  My thyroid stimulating hormone was finally starting to work too, after 7 years of lying dormant, so I suggested I came off the anti thyroid drug & my GP's response was to continue for a while longer. A month ago, I rang my GP & suggested again that I come off the drug or at least halve it, as I was feeling so well  & was concerned about the drug pushing me into being under active. Again, she said to be patient & they would send for me when it's time for a blood test. I don't normally do as I'm told, but decided to stick with it a b
Good Morning! We're still here... Just busy & about to go off to clean two cottages. Always lots to do & we have our first guests arriving in 2 weeks time... Spent 2 hours with our local vicar yesterday - not because we've found religion, but she wanted advice about cleaning her blinds! Instead of just popping in - we ended up chatting about everything & more. Consequently didn't get home until 7pm, made dinner & went straight to bed!  Feel better for the early night! Hope you've all had a good week & look forward to catching up soon. Kay & Sime  xx


Our garden yesterday. Tall Nettles TALL nettles cover up, as they have done These many springs, the rusty harrow, the plough Long worn out, and the roller made of stone: Only the elm butt tops the nettles now. This corner of the farmyard I like most: As well as any bloom upon a flower I like the dust on the nettles, never lost Except to prove the sweetness of a shower. ~ Edward Thomas ~ Every time we venture out to pick nettles, Sime always goes on about this poem! Anyway, thought I'd share with you the article I've written for next month's Parish Magazine... Our hedgerows are coming alive with food aplenty, but hardly anyone really notices the nettles that surround us, they grow quietly while using their juices to produce a medicine that can bring health. Anaemia, arthritis, rickets, tuberculosis, respiratory diseases, colds, catarrh and lymphatic problems can all benefit from this wonderful wild and free super food. Nettles are rich in ca


We've had two really tough days of cleaning up after holidaymakers.  Yesterday we started at 7am & worked until 4pm, then Sime had a gig in North Cornwall & I was staying at home, until a neighbour persuaded me that I should go to see the band with her, so I got home at 12.30am & Sime returned after 1am... Today was the worst, as the apartment we cleaned this morning had been left in a terrible state - so a job which should normally take 5 hours between us, actually took nearly 9 hours... This then had a knock on effect on our next clean, we ended up being over an hour late & were still working when the guests arrived... This particular house, we have thought about giving up on several occasions - just because the house is a little out of the way & doesn't pay a great lot, but after Sime's outburst on arrival & his announcement that we want to finish, we were asked to join the owners for a cuppa afterwards...  Two hours later we emerged from their

One Step At A Time

We continue to be blown away by the amount of folks emailing us about wanting to change their diet or talk about home education & these are not just people following our blog... The comments to our posts are always great & positive, but the emails are mostly from people who have been inspired by something we've blogged about or from someone we've met & these sometimes reduce me to tears! Some years ago we were WWOOF hosts, we were living on a smallholding & we opened our home up to people (from all over the world) who wanted to come & help us on the land - creating an organic vegetable garden. In return for their help, we gave them a room, fed them vegan meals & treated them as part of the family. Some stayed for a few days, some stayed for a few weeks. It was an absolutely wonderful experience - learning from each other & so interesting for the kidlets too.  We made some very special bonds & continue to be in touch with some of those folks, but

Kitchen In Kernow

You may think that all Sime does is sit around playing guitars... He does do a lot of that, but he also makes a mean... Pot of nettle tea... And the most delicious porridge in the world ♥ With pears, bananas, goji berries, linseeds, sesame seeds, molasses & cinnamon. He also makes incredible scrambled tofu with onions, garlic, beansprouts, chopped greens & miso.  Nice with rice or on toast! He makes fantastic pasta sauces too - this one is just a quick one made with a tin of tomatoes, but he starts all the veg off in water & he knows better than me how long to cook it all for... He used smoked paprika, basil & oregano along with the veg & a little black pepper. Fresh herbs really make the dish!  This is a dish we made together - a vegetable bake.  The base is made from millet & quinoa, cooked together & then some soy sauce & chopped raw garlic added at the end. It's a great way of using up any leftover steamed or roasted veg - just add to a base

Warmth At Last

The builders have finally finished today!!! Time to get on with getting straight again & more importantly...  Light up the woodburner! Sime couldn't wait... What was an insane dream of mine just a year ago has become a reality... The cats are still unsure about it - even with their favourite blanket down we couldn't persuade them...  Happy as Larry... Whoever he was! After about a month of eating off our laps - we've got our table back! Last night's leftovers - vegetable bake, mashed potato & miso mushy peas. Washed down with a celebratory glass of Asa's delicious Blueberry Whiskey (Sime's crimbo prezzie from Rose & Asa)! We decided to have quite a change around & clear out in the dining room & make use of the window seats... Looks more like a taverna - which is nice!   The books are staying though! We are sitting in here with the doors open & it's warm - it's just amazing... And we are very happy! Kay & Sime  xx

Natural Housekeeping

Ever since I can remember, I've had allergic reactions to nasty chemicals in perfumes & detergents. As a child, I would break out in rashes from washing powder & anything perfumed, as did my siblings - in fact my Brother was even allergic to freshly cut grass! Little did my folks know about the body & health. My Dad was a heavy smoker & us kids had constant throat & chest infections, we lived on penicillin. Our bodies were continually stripped of antibodies & we all had an inability to cope with any toxins, so my Mum accepted that she had to buy particular brands of various soaps, cleaning & laundry products.   Today, I still have a problem with strong smelling perfumes, air freshners & detergents, so have just avoided them as far as possible... Even tampons & sanitary towels irritate me, so I've used a  Mooncup  &  reusable cloth pads  for a few years now.  Since becoming veggie over 20 years ago, I discovered that there were alternati

Second Wind

We have finished work for a few days & after another gruelling couple of days, we are out the other side... Think I need to put Sime to bed! We're looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow - if only the holidaymakers would keep quiet on their way down to the beach at the crack of dawn... It's that time of year when our hamlet swells from 30 to about 1000 at the campsite & hostel, so it's like living in a city all of a sudden! Hope you are all having a good weekend. Kay & Sime  xx

Free From Chocolate

Our chocolate habit last year had become expensive & ridiculous, so we knew that we had to stop - we wanted to stop...  We had been aware for a long time that the milk protein put into chocolate is there to make us crave it, so most of us can't stop once we start... Dark chocolate with simpler ingredients doesn't have the same effect - though I don't know many people (apart from Granddad Gerry & myself) who really enjoy a strong dark chocolate. Sime's attitude to food is to cut it out if it's a problem & not just cut down. Which is actually the best way to do it, because once you cut it out completely & you stick to your decision - after a few days you stop craving it. After 3 weeks, it's appeal just fades & that's what we wanted to do.  Anybody who knows me can vouch that I have been a complete chocoholic since childhood, my favourites being Fry's Chocolate Creme & Creme Eggs. At work I gained a reputation for always having a c

Early Mornings

We are still upside down at home with builders in & out... We're also working lots too again - though this morning we're off to the home education group, as it's our turn today! A few tough days coming up again & then hopefully next week we can take some time to enjoy ourselves... Hope you're all having a good week. Kay & Sime xx

Earth Hour 2012 At Cotna

Last night we had a transition group get-together for Earth Hour. As always this took place at Cotna ... Sara & Dave's polytunnels, wind turbine & solar panels... Their house is a beautiful eco-build & they also have a straw bale barn which is a holiday let & accommodation for  WWOOFers  who help out on the land. The compost loo... The track down to the bonfire was lit with tealights in paper bags... One of the new yurts... And the fire... We fell in love with this yurt... This photo doesn't do it justice... But it really is beautiful!  The ceiling... And kitchen area... Back to the fire... And more importantly - the food... Such a great feast again... Dave's wonderful cider... It was a great evening catching up with everyone... Even Ziggy joined in... And we didn't get home until 1am... Hope you all managed to do something nice too - would love to know what everyone else got up to... Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx