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One Step At A Time

We continue to be blown away by the amount of folks emailing us about wanting to change their diet or talk about home education & these are not just people following our blog...
The comments to our posts are always great & positive, but the emails are mostly from people who have been inspired by something we've blogged about or from someone we've met & these sometimes reduce me to tears!

Some years ago we were WWOOF hosts, we were living on a smallholding & we opened our home up to people (from all over the world) who wanted to come & help us on the land - creating an organic vegetable garden.
In return for their help, we gave them a room, fed them vegan meals & treated them as part of the family. Some stayed for a few days, some stayed for a few weeks. It was an absolutely wonderful experience - learning from each other & so interesting for the kidlets too. 
We made some very special bonds & continue to be in touch with some of those folks, but one thing that always had us in tears were the kind things they would say on leaving & the beautiful comments they left in our visitor's book, even 8 years on I still can't read through it dry eyed - we changed people's lives & that is a huge responsibility!

It makes us very happy to know that we are helping others & we love to do it, but we can't quite get our heads around being thought of as inspirational... We are just us - those scruffy, veggie weirdos who don't have a telly!

Anyway, a couple of things sprung to mind regarding diet changes that some of you might be interested in...

We have talked about this before, but for those of you starting to look at reducing meat in your diet - Paul McCartney & clan began this a couple of years ago & it might be good for families: Meat Free Mondays
Also, I am a voluntary mentor again for the Vegan Society & those who are interested in veganism can take a pledge for a week, fortnight or month to see how you go on - they provide you with all the info you need to get started: Vegan Pledge.

And lastly, we have started to advertise our room - although we still have finishing touches to do, but we are already getting quite a few enquiries...
Here's the B&B site & just to get us up & running - we would love to offer a free stay to followers of our blog... We should have updated photos of the room & house soon, but in the meantime if you fancy up to a 3 night stay in Cornwall, eating Sime's delicious porridge & my home made bread for breakfast & we'll also provide dinner on 1 evening too. All free of charge, in return for some feedback, a chance to meet some of you & to just show our appreciation to all of you who take time to read & comment on our posts.  
So watch this space - Sime is thinking up a challenge as I write... 

Thank you everyone!

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
Hi guys, just wanted to welcome you to the Maple Syrup Mob. I'm looking forward to learning all about you both...though from what I've read you'd fit into our house no problem...especially if Sime makes tofu scramble!!
I make our own cleaning products, pongs make me feel ill it's bicarb, washing soda, vinegar for us but I cannot find a good eco dishwash that cleans well (got to get meaty goo off cat bowls).
anyhooooo great to meet you!
Jane x
Mrs Thrifty said…
We'd love to come sometime as paying guests just to meet you both .... and hear Si's guitar playing of course xx
dreamer said…
Thanks for keeping posting more of your meal ideas, I find those inspiring, giving me more ideas of meatless meals - keep posting them I am enjoying picking up the tips :)
Kath said…
" We are just us - those scruffy, veggie weirdos who don't have a telly!"

that's why I like you LOL

I'm looking forward to hearing about the challenge Sime comes up with, he has a very mischievous look on his face!
Hi Jane & thanks for following us!

Nice to know more vegans & look forward to chatting more!

Kay :)
Thanks Mrs Thrifty - that is very sweet!

Kay :)
Thanks Dreamer - will do, glad we can help!

Kay :)
Thanks Kath - we'll take that as a compliment! Hahaha!

So far I've said no to asking people to send in naked photos of themselves or taking videos of doing insane things...

It will be something more sensible than that!

Kay :)
Becky Bee said…
A vegan B&B - it sounds perfect to me. And the area you live in looks stunning! Wish my husband and I could come and stay - if only I could convince my in-laws to have the kids!
Unknown said…
What an amazing offer! That's wonderful.

Sft x
just Gai said…
Thanks for the Meat Free Monday and Vegan Society links. I was particularly impressed with the vegan recipes and shall certainly give some of them a go. As for the B&B offer, it's very tempting and we may very well take you up on it one day. It would be lovely to meet you. Are you accessible by public transport?

Also, my elder daughter is considering Wwoofing this summer. Have you any recommendations in the south west?
Anonymous said…
A free stay with you? Sounds wonderful, especially since the cost of airfare to get to you would leave me broke.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Thanks Becky - we're not really geared up for small kiddies, but maybe next year...

Kay :)
Thanks Sft - hopefully, it will be!

Kay ;)
Thanks Gai - we're a mile away from the bus stop, which goes to St Austell train station. There are just 4 buses a day though!

We're a bit out of touch with WWOOF, but our friends at are hosts. If you have a directory, we can probably remember some places that other WWOOFers enjoyed or said to avoid...

Kay :)
Thanks Mel - maybe one day... Would be nice!

Kay :)

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