We've had two really tough days of cleaning up after holidaymakers. 
Yesterday we started at 7am & worked until 4pm, then Sime had a gig in North Cornwall & I was staying at home, until a neighbour persuaded me that I should go to see the band with her, so I got home at 12.30am & Sime returned after 1am...

Today was the worst, as the apartment we cleaned this morning had been left in a terrible state - so a job which should normally take 5 hours between us, actually took nearly 9 hours...

This then had a knock on effect on our next clean, we ended up being over an hour late & were still working when the guests arrived...
This particular house, we have thought about giving up on several occasions - just because the house is a little out of the way & doesn't pay a great lot, but after Sime's outburst on arrival & his announcement that we want to finish, we were asked to join the owners for a cuppa afterwards... 
Two hours later we emerged from their attached house, got into the car & fell into uncontrollable laughter. Somehow, we had let ourselves be persuaded that we should continue & we hadn't even asked for a pay rise!
Apparently, they value us, don't want anyone else to look after their holiday cottage & are very interested in knowing more about our diet - because they think we are looking so well...



Day off again tomorrow & a lie-in.
Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Kay & Sime


  1. I can't believe holidaymakers leave the place in a filthy state! I always clean wherever we've stayed before we leave so that it looks pretty much as it did when we arrived. I strip the beds, clean the cooker, bathroom etc and vacuum right through. No wonder R and H are always pleased to see us!

  2. Poor you - that does sound a bit grim. It is incredible how thoughtless people can be isn't it! Thanks for the oat milk recipe - will try it this week. xx

  3. Sounds like you need to do NOTHING today! x

  4. Oh my goodness! I can't understand people leaving their filth behind. Short of making the bed, when I stay in a hotel room, it looks like it did when I first entered it! Haha!

    Hope you two hard working souls got to rest and relax!
    xo Catherine

  5. Some people are very inconsiderate, but to me it's also a matter of pride. Do they want to be thought of as messy slobs? It's probably best not to ask what they did to make it so dirty. I hope you have it easy for the rest of the week.


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