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Warmth At Last

The builders have finally finished today!!!

Time to get on with getting straight again & more importantly...

 Light up the woodburner!

Sime couldn't wait...

What was an insane dream of mine just a year ago has become a reality...

The cats are still unsure about it - even with their favourite blanket down we couldn't persuade them... 

Happy as Larry... Whoever he was!

After about a month of eating off our laps - we've got our table back!
Last night's leftovers - vegetable bake, mashed potato & miso mushy peas. Washed down with a celebratory glass of Asa's delicious Blueberry Whiskey (Sime's crimbo prezzie from Rose & Asa)!

We decided to have quite a change around & clear out in the dining room & make use of the window seats...
Looks more like a taverna - which is nice!  

The books are staying though!
We are sitting in here with the doors open & it's warm - it's just amazing...

And we are very happy!

Kay & Sime 


Pattypan said…
Yay, deeply green but so happy for you two. Now you can warm your cold tootsies to your heart's content and warm the house up. It looks smashing and can boil the kettle on too. I have all the paraphernalia apart from the fire! Bet you are pleased to be able to returnn the house back to some semblance of normality. When I was first married ex hubby and I had an open fire in the front room and it really used to heat the house up. We sometimes used to get a little too hot. One day as my Dad used to say to me. It wasn't a promise but it wasn't a let down either. Been bright here in Peterborough but the wind has had a nasty edge to it; rain clouds gathered as we were coming home and we have had a couple of heavy showers since.

Take care and sweet dreams if you ever manage to get shifted from the fire.


Karin said…
Just as well that we had all that warm weather recently. I hope you weren't cold this last week, though. Glad to know that you are now warm and snug.
dreamer said…
Great that you finally got your dining room back and yay! for woodstoves, I love ours so much. I don't think the novelty ever wears off :) Enjoy!!!
Thanks Pattypan - it's wonderful, though we do also have an open fire in the living room, but it's not brilliant... The stove is going to be a vast improvement!

Kay :)
Thanks Karin - We have had the open fire in most nights lately, but it's no where near as warm as the stove. Our house is cold all year round, with it's thick granite walls & small windows - we don't really get much sun, so it's going to be great!

Kay :)
Thanks Dreamer - I'm sure we're going to love it, we've dreamed about having one for so long & now we've got it!

Just wonderful!

Kay :)
just Gai said…
Just the sight of those flames makes me feel warm and cosy. What a relief it must be to start getting your home back in order.
Mrs Thrifty said…
Oh that does look good - so cosy - well done on allt he hard work to get to this stage - enjoy xx
Rebecca said…
Oh I am envious of the woodburner, it looks very toasty. In answer to your question, my folks dont live in Meva, we just went for a day out last there when we were at my parents in the summer, we really like meva. My parents live near Saltash x
Kath said…
hey that looks so homely! Glad Sime didn't singe his beard when lighting it :-O
I like the Taverna look, all you need now is some of those straw covered bottles hanging up and a waiter with a HUGE tall pepper mill LOL

Miso mash...hmmm...
Anonymous said…
The place looks great and you are going to be so warm and cozy!!

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